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INK REVIEW: Waterman Audacious Red

Waterman Audacious Red

Merry Christmas!  Posts have been a little light over here and this will be my last post before the end of year. Happy New Year!

I have lots of exciting things planned for 2014, but let’s dive right into the review of Waterman’s Audacious Red.

I wish I had better news for you – seems like the holidays should be full of light and cheer, but Audacious Red isn’t very exciting to me.

I test all new fountain pen inks in a Lamy Safari. I know the pen well, have several (many) of them, and they make a good standard pen for these tests.

Audacious Red Writing Sample

 It’s pretty – and I have to admit that after having written for a week or so with it, I found it more attractive as time went on. It’s not a bold, in-your-face color. It’s just red.

Waterman Audacious Red Sample Writing

The problem I have with this ink is that it’s dry. Oh-so-dry. I used a medium nib in the Safari, but it looks more like a fine. And looking at the writing above, there appears to be some shading, but I actually think it’s where the ink flow couldn’t keep up with my normal-paced writing.

Maybe you have a pen that you’d like to slow down a bit. If so, this Audacious Red could be for you.

It’s not wet enough for me – and it’s not very saturated either. Check out the swabs below for a look at that.

Audacious Red from Waterman – ink swab tests

I’m glad I didn’t invest in a full bottle of this ink. I ended up using it for everyday use, but went back to MontBlanc Winterglow for my holiday cards.

Here’s the full review . . .

Ink Review – Waterman Audacious Red

What did you use for your holiday cards this season?  And!…what is on your wish list this year?  We’re having a not-so-spendy Christmas this year – can’t wait to see what is in my stocking.


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The Waterman Edson Twins (they are not identical)
VW swag for Baby O (because, really, how cute is this?)

An inky project I’m working on

Love #inkinthesink


My TWSBI Collection makes me swoon just a bit.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Doesn’t everyone meal plan with a #wetnoodle?

My beloved Montblanc Boheme collection.

I opened Mr. Pentulant’s textbook, took this picture, and then promptly closed the book.  

And here’s a listing of just some of the people I follow…

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What I love about Instagram is that most of the people I follow post more than just pens. It’s a real glimpse into the person and what is important in his/her life.

Here’s my Instagram link.  Where is yours?


Sometimes, I want to play with my pens, inks, and papers, but can think of nothing to write.

The first step is to write the name of the ink and the name of the pen (see above). I just noticed that each ink is from a different manufacturer – nice.

Apparently, the last resort is to write things that I overhear from the television (see below).

It was actually quite a bit of fun – watching and scribbling, changing pens and writing a bit more. I love the way the entire sheet of paper looks – each color is pretty amazing on its own, yes?

Let’s take a closer look . . .

Above – DeAtramentis Alexander Hamilton. I love this purple. It’s so rich and deep in color – nice saturation. I don’t see this ink discussed much on the various forums, but I think this is a purple that could be used anywhere.  (more on that another day)

Below – Private Reserve Spearmint. One of my favorite green inks. It looks a bit dark here to my eye, but it is usually quite cheery.

Do you have a guess as to which show I was watching at the time?

Below – Montblanc Hitchcock. A gorgeous blood red ink if I ever did see one. Some really pretty shading in there, too. I have to confess, I have a quite a lot of this in my cabinet. Shall I keep it forever? Use it as if I’ll never run out? Or maybe even sell some?

Below – Noodler’s Habanero. A favorite. That shading. The brightness of the color. Need I say more? Mm..wait, I already did right here.

By the way, the above quote is the one that seems like the one that would tell the secret of what I was watching. Have you guessed it yet?

Above – Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun. I wonder if I only could have one ink, if this would be it. Check out my big review here. It is crazy CrAzY to think that I, lover of bright and beautiful colors, would be so taken with a gray ink, but there you go.

Above – Diamine Majestic Blue.  Easy to see why it’s one of my favorites, yes?  So pretty.

And, so, there we have it – six pretty colors. All so different from one another and yet all so wonderful.

Which show was I watching?  Downton Abbey, of course!  Have you seen it? Highly recommended.

Some Things Were Just Meant to Be

Waterman 52 / Private Reserve Spearmint / Clairefontaine

My posts have been a bit sporadic over the last few weeks.  I was just a little busy.  Getting married!

It’s true! Mr. P. and I finally tied the knot last week and we couldn’t be more happy.

I wrote the above several weeks ago and the following just one day before the wedding.

A small peek at our invitation below. We sent around twenty invitations. Each was individually calligraphed by someone we found on Etsy. I love the way they turned out. Perfectly us.
The day before the ceremony, we went to Max’s Opera House Cafe.  Following is a quick picture of their menu. Green + Typography + Darling = Perfection.  (Did you know my new last name is Darling?)
When we checked into our hotel the night before, we had no idea we would have a view of San Francisco City Hall where we would be married. I took this picture in the morning when the fog was still laying low.
I have to admit – looking at all of this makes me a bit teary all over again. Such a happy day. So perfectly us.