REVIEW: 2015 Hobonichi Planner


At the end of last year, Mr. Pentulant came home from a business trip with a number of prezzies for me from the Kinokuniya store in Seattle. One of those gifts was this 2015  Hobonichi Planner.

I asked on Instagram and was told that this edition is the Weeks Planner. Apparently, it’s not available on the Hobonichi English website – just the full Japanese version.


I was immediately taken with the look and feel of the book. Like other Hobonich Planners, this one is filled with Tomoe River Paper. The cover is somewhat flexible (but not bendy) and the look is slim. There are two ribbon bookmarks. An elastic band would have been helpful.

This planner is too small for me to use as a daily planner, but it’s perfect perfect as a financial planning calendar.


The first set of pages are monthly grids. Keep track of payday, scribble daily spending amounts. Goals and accomplishments could easily go at the bottom of the pages.


The “meat” of the book consists of dates on the left-facing page and a lightly printed grid on the right. So far, I’m using the left side to keep track of future expenses and I’m using the right side for motivational words to stay on track with spending. The right side could also be used for food planning, lists, weekly goals, etc.

IMG_1343 Near the end of the book are a bunch of grid pages. I’ve not started using these pages yet, but could imagine using them for monthly summaries, keeping track of other goals, and of course – lists (always lists).

Bottom Line:  While we’re not that far into 2015, I like the way this is planner is shaping up!

Which planner(s) did you end up with? And, tell me, how many planners are you actively using?

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GIVEAWAY: Stateside Notebook (Tomoe River Paper)


First Giveaway of the New Year!

Last fall, I supported a Kickstarter project from Stateside Co., and received the notebooks over the year-end holidays.

The notebook measures 5.5″ x 8.5″, and is filled with the highly-regarded Tomoe River Paper.




I’m using the Raffelcopter app below for entries and the contest is open to everyone all over the world. You have until Sunday to enter and a lucky winner will be chosen next Monday. Good luck!

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New Look, Happy New Year, and Winner Winner!


Oh, you guys, It’s been so busy behind the scenes over here.

While everything hasn’t been moved over yet and some of the links are empty, I’m really happy to present the brand new Pentulant website. As part of the new look, I’ve moved everything over to WordPress and I’m feeling confident that this is the correct platform for growth in 2015.

In other words:  FUN TIMES AHEAD!

And while we’re on the topic of new things – Happy New Year! Did you stay up too late last night and are now faced with sleep lines criss-crossing your smiling face? Are you sporting the best case of bed head ever?  Wait. Wait. That’s me!  Happy New Year!


Finally, we have a winner!  Remember way back before sleep lines and bed head? The contest was to guess the number of cotton swabs in the above pictured gallon-sized bag.


The winner gets samples of each of the eight Diamine 150th Anniversary inks!

How many swabs in the bag?  A whopping 729.

And our winner? Jackie! Jackie guessed 725.  I’ve already contacted Jackie about collecting the prize.

Have you tried any of the new inks? I’ve used Tropical Green (not my favorite color, but it writes really well) and Terracotta (a truly unique orange/brown with some great shading).

GIVEAWAY/CONTEST: Diamine Ink Samples!

Diamine recently released a set of eight inks to celebrate their brand’s 150th (!!) anniversary.

I ended up buying all of the bottles for myself – and got a set of samples for you!

The set includes 2 ml samples of the following inks . . .

  • 1864 Blue-Black
  • Blue Velvet
  • Carnival
  • Regency Blue
  • Safari
  • Silver Fox
  • Terracotta
  • Tropical Green

Well, except Tropical Green. I spilled about one ml of the ink. Arrgh.

How to win?
Come closest to guessing (over is fine) the number of inky cotton swabs in the gallon-sized bag shown below.  If more than one person guesses right on the number, the person who entered first will win the samples.
These are nearly all of the swabs I used during 2015. It’s been a busy year! Last year, the jar I use was only about half full, this year it overflowed with inky goodness.

I’ll be back after the beginning of the new year to announce the winner.

Until then…


So, what’s your number?  
Contest open to US/CAN only.  Sorry to my friends in far away lands!

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This isn’t a sponsored post. The samples (and my bottles) came from Goulet Pens, but they don’t know what I’m up to over here today. 

FOUND AROUND FRIDAY: Winner Winner Edition

I’m happy to say that Francesca is the big winner of the bottle of Diamine Sepia ink pictured above. Francesca was randomly chosen from all of the entrants and I’ve already contacted her to arrange getting the bottle of ink off to her.  Yaay!

Here’s some of what I’ve been reading this week . . .

Well Appointed Desk and how Crayons are Made. I love crayons. The smell.

Fountain Pen Physicist unboxed her Hobonichi. I did, too, I just didn’t get pictures 😉

Inkdependence reviewed Caran d’Ache Ultra Violet ink. I’d expect SCREAMING color with that name, yes?

Inklode showed us Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline. Not really a color I’d considered before seeing this review.

Pen Addict took a close look at the Sailor Lecoule. I have one of these and had it inked last week – it was a terrible writing experience. Maybe I’ll have a look at the nib and see if I can do anything about that.

The Unroyal Warrant had a paper review for us. I think paper isn’t given nearly the attention it deserves in the pen community. Oh..and did you get your Unexposed Field Notes?

The Clicky Post asked Hobby or Obsession?  Yes.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


FOUND AROUND FRIDAY: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Edition

Waterman Expert c.1980s

After tossing all of the wonderful entries up into the air, Onder C was randomly selected as the big winner of the $50 gift certificate. As you probably remember, Onder can choose a $50 gift certificate from either Amazon or Goulet Pens.  Thank you for playing and keep an eye out for future giveaways!

Some small news items for you . . .

I’ve owned for quite sometime, but only recently got it set up. This means that instead of going to the Blogger URL, you can just come directly to and see everything. Go ahead, check it out, click the link. Fun, right? My hope is to have a redesigned site sometime around the beginning of January – we’ll see how that goes 😉

I’m listed on Pennaquod. It’s a search thingy powered by Google just for pen nerds and their blogs. My stuff doesn’t come up very often – sounds like it’s a Blogger thing and hopefully that will be fixed when I move to my own site.

TWSBI has re-released their Classic Fountain Pen. Gorgeous pens and now able to be posted. I asked on Instagram and I’m told that there will be a kit available for those of us who bought the unpostable (it’s a word!) version. I’ll be first in line for that kit, yo.

I ordered a Hobonichi 2015 Planner and cover earlier this week. I’m not 100% sure it’s going to work for me – doesn’t the show-through of Tomoe River Paper make it difficult to use? Brush Dance Planners (120 gsm paper!) and Date Books (not as fountain pen friendly) are super-nice and I use them all day, everyday. (I’m the president of Brush Dance, but they are really terrific items.)

Annnnnd here’s what I’ve been reading this week . . .

Mr. Mike Dudek of The Clicky Post shows us the Pilot Murex with an integrated nib.  Love.

FP Physicist reviewed a Quiver – she wasn’t crazy about it.

Gourmet Pens took an in-depth look at the Taccia Savanna. It’s made of BUFFALO HORN! Who knew!

Inkdependence shows off the Franklin-Christoph music nib. I want. I don’t like stubs. I want. I really thought it would be more – it’s $35.

Annnnnnd….I’m still fascinated with The Impulsive Buy. It’s just so…wrong.

Some of my most recent posts over on Instragram for your viewing pleasure . . .

Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium . . . 

Montblanc’s newest inky release – Daniel Defoe – Palm Green . . . 


Hanging on to summer with some sweet Lamy Safari Fountain Pens . . . 

That’s it from me this week!

What have you been reading?


Today is my two-year blogiversary!  
Let’s celebrate with a leisurely stroll down memory lane and a fantastic giveaway . . . 
Have you read the story about my first fountain pen? That’s it above. The Waterman Expert. Swoon!
OK, that’s enough strolling for one day – let’s get right to the giveaway!
Here’s the scoop . . . 
One randomly chosen reader can choose either a $50 gift certificate from either or
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Follow me on Instagram for an additional entry.  (If you’re already following, that counts – just be sure to enter your user name below.)
And for an additional extra entry, post a picture of one of your favorite pens on Instagram, tag @pentulant and use #pentulantgiveaway. Whew…that’s a lot. 
This giveaway isn’t sponsored by anyone. Amazon doesn’t know who I am and Goulet Pens didn’t know I had this up my sleeve.
I’m trying out Rafflecopter (see below) for contests because I hear it works great.  (If the widget below isn’t visible, please be patient while it loads.)
Thursday, September 4 is the last day to enter.  Go, go, go!

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GIVEAWAY: Apica Notebooks

Last week, I reviewed the super-posh Apica Premium C.D. A5 Notebook.  While preparing for that review, I searched my stash and found, these smaller (and slightly less posh) Apica Notebooks and decided to give them away.

Here’s what you’ll get . . .

Apica CD-11 Notebook – A5-sized – 28 lined pages
Apica CD-5 (Wee Little) Notebook – 36 lined pages

In it to win it? Leave a comment below.

All Kinds of Disclaimers and Stuff:  Your entry must be received by July 16. Winner need not be present to win (please don’t come to my house, that would just be weird). Open to entrants with mailing addresses in the US and Canada. I bought and paid for these notebooks.