FOUNTAIN PEN REVIEW: TWSBI Diamond 580 and INK REVIEW: Pelikan Edelstein Jade


TWSBI fountain pens show up on all sorts of Best Fountain Pen Ever lists. To me, TWSBI is to pens what Fields Notes is to paper. That is, TWSBI and Field Notes get it right just enough to keep my coming back for more, but neither would appear on my Best Ever list.

My biggest issues with TWSBI have been nib (and maybe feed) related – hard starts and some skipping. Others have had some serious issues with cracking (though I understand TWSBI has worked through this issue).

That aside, let’s take a closer look at the TWSBI Diamond 580. IMG_3711.JPG

I love the faceted clear barrel of the pen. IMG_3712.JPG Mine has a broad nib. And while I don’t have pictures here, TWSBI pens are designed to be fully disassembled. Cleaning them is a breeze.


Pelikan Edelstein inks have a good reputation of working well in most pens and Jade seemed to closely match the color of the pen.IMG_3707.JPG

How does it write? Wonderfully! Perfectly!  Look . . .

IMG_3804.JPG IMG_3805.JPG IMG_3803.JPG Seriously, this was my best TWSBI experience ever. No piddling around, no ink changes, just sit down and write.  Annnnnd! In my Will It Write experiment, you can see that even after this pen sat unused for more than two weeks, it picked up right where it left off.

The 580 is super comfortable to hold. The writing experience was smooth with very little feedback. I only experienced one hard start (probably due to a weird hand position on my part). I’m truly impressed with this pen. I do wish the nib was a bit more broad and it’s not the best pen to post (put the cap on the back end while writing).


What about Pelikan Edelstein Jade?




It’s a nice enough color – leans a little too blue for me. It writes wonderfully and flow from the pen is good. It’s well-saturated and there is some shading.

BOTTOM LINE – TWSBI Diamond 580: I love this pen. Your mileage may vary due to inconsistencies with TWSBI in general.

BOTTOM LINE – Pelikan Edelstein Jade: You might love this ink! The color isn’t a favorite of mine, but everything else about the ink is wonderful.

So…TWSBI….tell me your experiences? Am I alone in my Field Notes comparison?

INK SWAB: 180/365 – Rohrer & Klingner Smaragdgrun


R & K Smaragdgrun looks like a nice average green. I have to be honest – this is one of the very few ink swabs that I’ve posted this year that I have absolutely no memory of seeing, swabbing, or scanning.

Kinda makes me want to dig it up and ink it up!

INK SWAB: 177/365 – Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Green (Highlighter Ink)


Another ink made for highlighters from Noodler’s. I’ve not used this one other than to swab it, but the others I have work well.

Side Note: Have you ever seen Catfish on MTV? I came across it one rainy day late last year and can’t look away now.

INK SWAB: 175/365 – Noodler’s Army Green



Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Army Green has seen several formula changes. First it was thought to be too yellow, and then not, and then back to the original formula? I could be thinking of something else. In my swab, I like this color – a good rich green.

Do you know the story here? Or maybe there is no story and I’m thinking of another green ink?