If you’re not on Instagram, you’re really missing something.  
In no particular order, here are some of my more recent Instagram images . . . 
The Waterman Edson Twins (they are not identical)
VW swag for Baby O (because, really, how cute is this?)

An inky project I’m working on

Love #inkinthesink


My TWSBI Collection makes me swoon just a bit.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Doesn’t everyone meal plan with a #wetnoodle?

My beloved Montblanc Boheme collection.

I opened Mr. Pentulant’s textbook, took this picture, and then promptly closed the book.  

And here’s a listing of just some of the people I follow…

Gourmet Pens

Ed Jelley


Pablo Garcia Melnick

Gerald Taylor – aka MyCofeePot

Chrissy Sparks


What I love about Instagram is that most of the people I follow post more than just pens. It’s a real glimpse into the person and what is important in his/her life.

Here’s my Instagram link.  Where is yours?

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