INK REVIEW: Waterman Audacious Red

Waterman Audacious Red

Merry Christmas!  Posts have been a little light over here and this will be my last post before the end of year. Happy New Year!

I have lots of exciting things planned for 2014, but let’s dive right into the review of Waterman’s Audacious Red.

I wish I had better news for you – seems like the holidays should be full of light and cheer, but Audacious Red isn’t very exciting to me.

I test all new fountain pen inks in a Lamy Safari. I know the pen well, have several (many) of them, and they make a good standard pen for these tests.

Audacious Red Writing Sample

 It’s pretty – and I have to admit that after having written for a week or so with it, I found it more attractive as time went on. It’s not a bold, in-your-face color. It’s just red.

Waterman Audacious Red Sample Writing

The problem I have with this ink is that it’s dry. Oh-so-dry. I used a medium nib in the Safari, but it looks more like a fine. And looking at the writing above, there appears to be some shading, but I actually think it’s where the ink flow couldn’t keep up with my normal-paced writing.

Maybe you have a pen that you’d like to slow down a bit. If so, this Audacious Red could be for you.

It’s not wet enough for me – and it’s not very saturated either. Check out the swabs below for a look at that.

Audacious Red from Waterman – ink swab tests

I’m glad I didn’t invest in a full bottle of this ink. I ended up using it for everyday use, but went back to MontBlanc Winterglow for my holiday cards.

Here’s the full review . . .

Ink Review – Waterman Audacious Red

What did you use for your holiday cards this season?  And!…what is on your wish list this year?  We’re having a not-so-spendy Christmas this year – can’t wait to see what is in my stocking.

2 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Waterman Audacious Red

  1. Thanks for the review. I'm with you on preferring a wetter ink. More like puddles of ink in the shape of letters! My red ink genre is pretty full but after looking at this I see I lean more towards the burgundys. I have Diamine Strawberry but that's the closest I found.

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