Below is my ever-evolving wish list and below that is my list of Got It, Got It, Don’t Want It items from previous wish lists.
Last Update:  January 2015

Watercolor Sheets. Fun! (Even if I’m not an artist.)

These Notebooks. I have one. I need more more more!

Empty Ink Bottles. Crazy, right?

O Ruby. And this.

Visconti Traveling Ink Pot. More of a want than a need. (As if any of the items on this page are needs? Puh-lease.) This is the oldest ungotten item on my wish list.

Autumn Oak. And this Conklin Duragraph to go along with it.

Montblanc Starwalker Ultimate Carbon.  Oh boy.  Or maybe this pretty Balzac fountain pen? Definitely the Balzac, yes.Fun Wax Seals. I like that this seller has fun images – not all serious and scrolly.This Light Pad to help me with calligraphy. In theory. Ha.

I need this Kaweco Liliput in copper. COPPER!

I’ve been playing with watercolors lately, and this set from Kuretake looks interesting.

I’ve heard good things about Stabilo fineliners.

Visconti. Crystal. Please. Oh, please.

Oh, yeah, and I (still) want every ink in the world.  Is that wishing for too much?


Removed from List. Bandolier from Clever Hands  – No long feeling like I have to have.

Removed from List. Pilot Falcon Rhodium – Soft Extra Fine – I ended up getting the red Falcon and am oh-so-happy with it.

Removed from List.  This Case – I was going to use it for pencils, but found a different (more flat) solution that is working.

Removed from List.   Platinum Desk Pen Set. Not feeling the love.

Removed from List.   Pilot Desk Pen. Seeing a trend of Desk Pens leaving the list.

Got ’em. Freakin’ LOVE ’em.  80 Pen Master Case from Franklin-Christoph 

Got ’em! Like ’em!  Copic Doodle Packs in red, and green, and blue, and and and.

Got it!  Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Pretty pretty!

Got it. It’s ok.  Aston Leather Pen Case. I’ve not decided which yet, but I love the way these look and the reviews are pretty amazing.

Got it. Love it!  De Atramentis Alexander Hamilton.  I reviewed this one a long time ago and never bought the bottle. It’s time.

Got it. Love it. Montblanc 90 Years Fountain Pen Totally getting this. Just need to save the pennies.

Removed from List. Preppy Platinum Fountain Pen. Inexpensive. Might be fun.

Got it. Like it. Franklin-Christoph Model 27. These pens look slim and sleek.

Got it. OMG, OMG. Love it.  Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912. Have mercy.

Got it. Love it.  Pilot Metropolitan – Black Crocodile. I have three Metropolitans already – collect them all!

Got it. Going to get it Again! Printstagram. One day, in my copious amount of spare time, I’m going to sort through my Instagram photos and have prints made of the very best.

Got it.  Love it. Private Reserve Spearmint Cartridges Yes, cartridges. I’d rather travel with cartridges than samples of ink and I never ever travel with full pens (rule of life for me).

Got it. Haven’t used it yet.  Tomoe River Paper Journal.

Crossed Off the List – I’m so happy with the papers I have. Onion Skin Paper. I’ve heard good things about this paper.

Got it. Hated it! Have decided that I need Circa. Haven’t decided how I’m going to put it all together.

OMG..Sold Out! Missed it!  Do you love this as much as I? White Tea

Got It. Haven’t Used It! This ink. Really.

Got it. Like it! Pelikan M205 – Red. This link is for a fine nib, but I’d rather have it in broad.

Got it. Love it! Lamy Al-Star – Purple. Can never have too many Lamy pens. In fact, I’ve decided to (omg) Collect-Them-All with the Safaris. Yikes.

Got it. Love it!  Have been reading good things about this paper from HP.

Crossed off the list. I held this one at the SF Pen Show and was not pleased with its weight – just too heavy for me.  Visconti Homosapien Fountain Pen. It’s just so pretty.

Got it. Love it!  Diamine Pumpkin Ink. I’m in looooove!

Got it. It’s ok. Not big love.  Mont Blanc Ink. I have a vintage pen that wants needs this ink.Got it. Heard about trouble with some of the inks – never used in a pen. Thank goodness it was just the sample.  Organics Studio Ink – Cobalt. It’s just the sample size – won’t be on the wish list long.Got it. Love it! See above.  Organics Studio Ink – Mercury Red. Another sample – love this shade of red. A bit rosy perhaps?

Got a sample.    Fuyu-syogun Ink. From Pilot Iroshizuku. Not a true gray (grey? whatever). More of a blue-gray. A swoon gray!

Got a sample to try.  Private Reserve Ink – Copper Reserve. Looks like it would have great shading.

Got it. Too small to really be useful, but not bad quality.   Field Notes. Have never tried this brand of paper, but keep seeing it around. Not sure what to expect, but I’m willing to try.

Got it. Like it. The loop isn’t big enough to hold   Leuchtturm Pen Loop. My concern is that the loop will be too tiny to hold a lot of pens I have. (Or maybe my pens are too big. Either way.)

Got it. Love it! Nomadic Pencil Case. Gotta protect the investments, yes?

Got it. Love it! Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Ink. Gotta have it!

Crossed off the list – at least for now. Faber-Castell Classic Pernambuco Fountain PenLove that these look like their classic pencil design.

Got it for Mr. Pentulant for Christmas 2012.  Oddly, I think this is the same as having it myself. Stipula PassaportoIt’s that broad nib / eyedropper fill / compact size that has my heart beating.

Got it. It’s my “go to” black ink for 2013. Noodler’s BlackA good everyday ink.

Got it. OMG OMG OMG Montblanc Paso Doble Rouge. OMG

Got it. Love it! Candy Cane Sherpa?  OK!

Put on list, removed from list, put back on list.  Have decided that I need Circa. Haven’t decided how I’m going to put it all together.

Crossed off. I ended up trying out the Tribute – it’s heavier than I wanted. And the Etoile? It’s just not as pretty in person.  Found this MontBlanc while looking for this MontBlanc (which is the one I really really want).

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