Missing Converters

A couple of weeks ago, I gathered up all of my pens that were missing this or that. And then sorted through my this or that pile to replace what I could.

The above pens were all missing converters.

And today, only the Delta on the far left is missing its converter. From my understanding, the regular Delta converters won’t work in this style. I may go with cartridges if I can’t find a suitable converter soon.

From left to right we have . . .

Namiki Vanishing Point x 5!!

How did all of these pens end up with missing converters? I used to be a cartridge-only girl. So much so that I’d toss the converters right over my shoulder and into the trash.

It’s a good thing converters aren’t very expensive to replace!

PEN REVIEW: Waterman 52

On Friday, I shared some recent purchases including this little gem I acquired from VintagePen.

Going to (mostly) let the pictures do the talking here . . .

That’s a little nib creep – not rust or anything icky like that
love the gentle chevron – so subtle

And now . . .

Sammy is one of our three (!!) dogs.

My handwriting needs a bit of work, but man-oh-man, I am digging this pen. So much so that some of my other favorite pens have been sitting around unused in the short time I’ve had the Waterman 52.

It’s a little skinny, a little short – neither of those things are a bother to me. It writes wonderfully – perfectly smooth, easy to flex. It’s not even a little scratchy and it doesn’t skate uncontrollably across the paper.

The lever-fill is easy to manage – perhaps a pain to clean and ink capacity seems a bit low, but I can live with those things.

I love everything about the pen except there’s no clip on the cap – making the pen very likely to roll around. I hope so much that I never inadvertently set it down and have it roll onto the floor. Yikes.

This is a pen that will stay in the house because I really would be heartbroken if something happened to it.

It’s love! True love.

The Fine Point: Recent Purchases

I’ve been shopping!

The picture above are some of the items from my most recently Goulet Pens order. Reviews coming to a blog (this one!) near you soon.

I’ve heard Private Reserve Spearmint is a great shading ink. Going to take it for a spin.

I’ve read a lot of positive things about Nalgene bottles – especially for traveling with inks. I bought a few bottles and am going to give them a try soon. Will report back.


It’s a Waterman 52. I have to tell you – I’m in love. Over the moon. Warm + fuzzy. I am in love with this pen. It’s a wet noodle – ultra-super-flexy – and I am in love. Mini review and handwriting samples coming soon!

Have a great weekend!

INK REVIEW: Noodler’s Turquoise Eel

Noodler’s Turquoise Eel

Now. This is what I’m talkin’ about!

Some real, in-yo-face, color.

And, bonus! It writes like a dream.

Noodler’s Turquoise Eel rivals Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki in every way. It has great color and saturation. It writes beautifully – flow from the pen is just right.

Smear factor isn’t bad.  Not much shading. Is there a turquoise that shades wonderfully? Guess I’ll have to try them all and find out!

Back to the ink . . .

. . . I really don’t have anything negative to say – if I don’t talk about the water test – ha! It’s a great well-behaved ink that I would consider purchasing if I didn’t already own a couple of other turquoise inks. (I test from sample vials, but you probably knew that already.)

A bunch of side notes…

…this is my first review with my new form. Totally excited. Let me know what you think?

…my ink reviews all fall into broad color categories (new this year). This one ended up with the blues because it’s more blue than green. Maybe I need a turquoise – but then I’d need a teal – and sometimes it’s hard to decide. I’ll just keep doing the best I can.

…omg, did you notice the first Compare Square? De Atramentis Hyacinth. I’m excited about reviewing that one sometime soon. Pretttttty.

…Waterman Mysterious Blue felt watery compared to the other inks on this page. Wonder how that will translate in a pen when I get around to testing it.

HELP WANTED: Identify This Pen?

Yeah. I don’t know what the heck this Waterman is. Maybe one of you can help me out?
Honestly, I don’t remember how or where I received this pen. I hope I didn’t lift it from someone and now the owner is seeing it here! (Kidding, kidding!)
If you know which Waterman this is, please help a girl out and leave a comment below.
Thank you!

VISITING with an Old Friend – Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen
Waterman Expert Fountain Pen (c.1988)

There she is – my very first fountain pen.

The dentist I worked for at the time took our only other employee and me shopping for Christmas prezzies. He pushed thick envelopes filled with crisp bills into our hands and said the only condition was that we had to get something 100% for ourselves, “something you wouldn’t normally buy.” Lisa and I each knew exactly what we wanted and set off in opposite directions. She ran off to the Coach handbags and I, on the other hand, wandered over to men’s accessories in search of a fountain pen.

Months before, the doctor had received a check for some personal transaction. I immediately honed in on the handwriting. “How did he do that? Look at that – can you see it??” I had no idea what to call it, but I knew I needed to figure it out.  “It’s probably a fountain pen.”

A who? A what? I was clueless. A fountain pen! That’s what I wanted needed.

Choosing my first fountain pen was a breeeeze. I knew nothing.

“Would you like a medium nib?” Sure!
“Does that feel balanced in your hand?”  Uh huh.
“Do you like the grip? Is it to heavy?” I love it! I’ll take it!
“Do you need some cartridges to go with it?” Yes!

I got the pen home, tossed the box, the paperwork, and whatever that weird twisty thing was over my shoulder and into the trash. I have a fountain pen! How do I make it go?

A whole bunch of years, and inks, and pens later, and I find myself returning to my old friend: the Waterman Expert.

I snapped a few quick pictures, hastily scribbled some notes, and finally it was time to ink her up for the first time in at least eight years. I chose one of my current favorite inks – Noodler’s Lexington Gray and (seriously) when I put pen to paper, it gave me goosies (as J Lo would say).

Balanced. Comfortable grip. Not too heavy, not too light. An oh-so-satisfying click when the cap was posted. This was going to be great. I was practically giddy.

Then I started to worry that I’d remembered this old pen with a little too much fondness. That perhaps now that I’ve experienced other wonderful writing instruments that this one wouldn’t quite measure up. I had nothing to worry about.

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen
A bit of shading.
A generous medium nib, so smooth over the Rhodia paper. Wonderful shading (that thing I’d seen, but didn’t have the words to describe all of those years ago). No skipping or false starts (maybe one).  Just. Beautiful.

Enough of my gushing – let me show you what I’m talking about. (If I’ve done all of this right, you should be able to click on the pictures to see them larger and see more detail. If that doesn’t work, you will have learned that I’m not perfect, yo.)

Waterman Expert on Rhodia Pad
Rich burgundy color.

Waterman Expert Two-Toned Nib - some pitting
Some pitting on the two-toned gold nib. See the separation between the tines? That is some goodness right there, folks.

You notice that I didn’t call it an Expert in my writing? That’s because I had to do some sleuthing to figure it out.
This has been fun – remembering and writing about how I first fell in love with fountain pens. Do you remember your first love? I’d love to hear all about it.