Handwritten Review – Diamine Sepia

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I’m giving away a full-sized bottle of Diamine Sepia Fountain Pen Ink.  I know, I know you were hoping it was the pen. Sorry.   #sorrynotsorry

When I learned that Goulet Pens was sending me the Fall 2014 Edition of  Edison Nouveau Premiere and a bottle of ink, I suggested that they could also send me a sample of the same ink. “I’ll use the sample and giveaway the bottle.”

I had no idea which ink they were sending, but when I saw that it was sepia, I was so glad I was only getting the sample-sized.  Brown inks are a waste on me. Ick.
At least they used to be. And then I fell in love with J Herbin’s Lie de The
And now this:
Diamine Sepia Ink Swap
Let’s dive in . . . 

A beautiful golden brown – with perhaps a bit of red?
No green or gray to muddy things up.
Shading makes me happy.
cRaZy shading makes me crazy happy.
I love this ink. The color is great, saturation is good, there is definitely shading. No bleeding, minimal show through (ghosting).
Water resistance isn’t super-important to me. Good thing, too . . . .
You’ll also note on the full review (click here for full-size version) that the color seems to be less saturated as I get further down on the page.  Totally user error. I was having trouble filling from the sample bottle and ended up with ink clinging to the converter. A small twist of the converter got me going again.
Here’s the review I wrote for the pen review. Click here for the full-size.
Bottom line?  I’ve added this ink to my wish list so that I can keep my word and give you this full-sized unopened bottle.
Leave a comment below to be entered to win. Remember to tell me how to get in touch with you. Open to US mailing addresses only (so sorry, international friends). Entry must be received by Wednesday, September 17. Winner will be announced on Friday, September 19.

Of course, you can always order Diamine Sepia from Goulet Pens.

Good luck!!


EDITED TO ADD: After you’ve entered to win this ink, run on over to Ink Nouveau and enter to win the pen! I’m catching up on my blogs and just saw that you enter to win until the end of today!

PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest (Fall 2014 Special Edition Fountain Pen)

Edison Nouveau Premiere
Fall 2014 Special Edition Fountain Pen
Hello Fall!!!

Edison Nouveau Premiere 
Fall 2014
Screw Cap

They are calling it Autumn Harvest.

I was thinking the fall edition might be conservative and concerned that could mean that it wouldn’t have been. . . uh . . . as wonderfully special as those two.  CraZy!

Shades of brown mixed with hues of gold – light mixed with dark – flecks and flakes mixed with discreet swirls.

This is a fountain pen that can go anywhere with anyone and fit in comfortably. It can be dressed up with a business suit or go casual with jeans.

Gold-tone trim (fancy people call this the pen’s “furniture”). Two-toned steel nib (mine is a broad and I think you should go broad, too).

Convenient Converter Fill

It has an almost vintage feel to it, yes? Vintage, but not old. The design is so modern.

This isn’t your grandpa’s fountain pen (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

OK, so it’s pretty handsome, but how does the Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest (Fall 2014 Special Edition) Fountain Pen write?


Click here to see the full-sized handwritten review.

Things to know . . .

. . . . Goulet Pens graciously sent me this pen in exchange for my honest review. As a special edition, they are predicting that the pen will be available through November 2014. If sales are greater than expected, they could be out of stock sooner. You can get yours for $149 right here.

. . . . I have a giveaway (and more pictures of this beauty) coming up on Wednesday – hoping you’ll come back and check it out.

Your turn . . . love it? hate it? Does it make you look froward to fall?

PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau Premiere – Summer 2014

As soon as the mail carrier knocked quietly on the door (she doesn’t want to disturb the dogs…haha), I jumped up because I knew what was going to be on the porch waiting for me.

Days before, I’d seen the preview and knew I was going to own this pen – the Edison Nouveau Premiere – Caribbean Sea (Summer Edition 2014).

I have its Cherry Blossom – Spring 2014 sister. And I practically squealed when I saw the color of the Caribbean Sea.

Anyway . . . what I didn’t know was that within a few days of learning about this pen (a Goulet Pens exclusive from Edison Pen Co.), I’d have a note from Rachel Goulet – yes, the Rachel Goulet!!! – asking if I’d review some items for them from time to time and in exchange I’d get to keep the items. Are you kidding? Of course I will! I love what they’re doing over at Goulet Pens and how they’re doing it. I’m a frequent customer and huge fan. I’m seriously honored that they would ask me (just don’t tell them that I probably would have bought this pen anyway, ok?)

So..that’s the disclaimer, I received this pen at no charge to me and I’m being totally honest about what I think of it.

I love it.

The name of this pen is perfect – Caribbean Sea. The color is a gorgeous blue-green with lots of depth, swirls, and sheens. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it from different angles, in different light, on different surfaces. If you like the way it looks in my (very amateur) pictures, you’ll love the way it looks in person – seriously.

The shape of the Premiere is . . . interesting. It has the pointiest cap ever. In fact, I challenge you to find a pen with a more pointy cap.

I love that the section (the part you grip) is contoured and there is no steep drop-off between it and the body of the pen. It’s very comfortable in the hand.

The cap can be posted, but I’m finding that I like writing with it unposted better. It’s definitely not a weight issue – more that the pen is longer than average when posted and that may take some getting used to.

Of course, looks are only part of the equation when it comes to fountain pens.  How does it write?

I’m going to pat myself on the back for choosing the perfect color to go with this pen: Toucan Bright Blue. (More on Toucan inks coming soon.)

Here are some scanned handwriting samples. Click here to see the full-sized handwritten review.

Someone on Instagram asked me how the nib compared with the nib of a Lamy Safari. My answer is that the Edison Nouveau is more buttery smooth than the Lamy Safari. Some people like a little feedback when writing and others like a super duper smooth experience.

I’d say that the flow is a bit wet – but I like that. This nib is a medium, by the way.

I just checked and the Carribean Sea is sold out.  I’m pretty sure it will be back in stock, though – summer has just begun!

OK, that’s that. What do you think?  Did you order this one as soon as it came out? Will you be waiting for it to come back into stock?  And…do you match your ink to your pen colors?

I’ll be back later this week with an ink review!


Edited to Add:  It’s in stock – get it here!

PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau LE Encore

How pretty is that??

This pen is the brainchild of Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens and Brian Gray of Edison Pens. Hopefully, they will have a new limited edition pen for us each year.

You can read my Pen Preview of the Edison Nouveau LE Encore. Lots more pictures there.

I wrote in that post that the one maybe negative was that the section doesn’t fit flush with the barrel. Total non-issue in use. Didn’t feel it, didn’t think about it. Non-issue.

This is the first review with my new form. I got so excited about inking and using the pen that I didn’t weigh it, measure it, or anything else. (I’m rethinking the idea of including weights and measures – or maybe I’ll just include anecdotal information like, “too short,” or “feels right,” we’ll see.) Since then, I’ve cheated and looked at the full description over on Goulet Pens. It weighs 16g and measures 5.2″ when closed.

Honestly, I considered not using the pen at all – it’s #3 in a production run of 70 and that makes it feel almost too special to use. But, really? All of my pens are for using. I don’t plan to sell any of them and so if I don’t use them – what’s the point?

I note in my handwritten review that I was maybe regretting the medium nib – thinking I should have gotten the fine. After using it for a bit, though, the medium is a good choice, but I would also like to have an Edison with a fine nib. Pentulant, you know.

Later in the review I discuss that I’m already planning my next Edison purchase. Actually, though, I gave Mr. Pentulant the Edison Beaumont for Christmas. It’s #2 in this picture. The Beaumont was named Pen of the Year (2012). Mr. P hasn’t inked the pen yet. If he doesn’t soon, I may need to recall the gift. Pentulant again.


click to view larger

The Edison Nouveau is comfortable, balanced, and pretty pretty pretty. Definitely going into regular use around here.

After I wrote all of the above, I asked Mr. P (aka Jeff) if he would like to take it for a spin. He likes it a lot. “Smooth. Like butter.”

But look, he’s also having intermittent start issues. I do feel like this is an issue of not being able to find the sweet spot and not an issue with feed or anything like that. The more I write with it, the less problems I seem to have.

Bottom line?  True love!

PEN PREVIEW: Edison Nouveau LE Encore Tortoise Fleck

Oooh…lookie at what I got!

It’s what happens when Edison Pen Co and Goulet Pens get together – the Edison Nouveau LE Encore Tortoise Fleck.

Is that the cat’s meow? The translucency. Dude, it practically glows.  These pictures were taken last week – early morning, low light.

I like the trim. Perhaps a bit deco? The top ring of the clip is concealed – giving the entire piece a more expensive feel.

The pen is super-comfy to hold. It’s a bit lighter than expected. I wonder what a man with bigger hands would think of it. It’s definitely well-balanced. A real joy to hold. (That sounds a bit corny, but I mean it!)

I have a problem. Totally a first world problem. I have too many pens and inks and not enough time to pay them all of the attention they deserve.

If there’s one small negative about the Encore, it’s that the section doesn’t fit completely flush with the barrel. It’s not a big deal – though my fingers to repeatedly search out this perceived imperfection each time I hold the pen. I wonder if it will be a bigger deal over time.

I paid $185. This is a crazy-good price for a run of 70 pens. CrAZy-GoOd!

Here’s the full description from Goulet Pens. Mine is a medium nib. I swear, I always regret going medium. I find myself wishing I’d gone with a fine nib – and this before I even ink it up. How crazy is that?

I posted my very first impressions over on FPN last week.

Which limited edition pens do you own?