PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest (Fall 2014 Special Edition Fountain Pen)

Edison Nouveau Premiere
Fall 2014 Special Edition Fountain Pen
Hello Fall!!!

Edison Nouveau Premiere 
Fall 2014
Screw Cap

They are calling it Autumn Harvest.

I was thinking the fall edition might be conservative and concerned that could mean that it wouldn’t have been. . . uh . . . as wonderfully special as those two.  CraZy!

Shades of brown mixed with hues of gold – light mixed with dark – flecks and flakes mixed with discreet swirls.

This is a fountain pen that can go anywhere with anyone and fit in comfortably. It can be dressed up with a business suit or go casual with jeans.

Gold-tone trim (fancy people call this the pen’s “furniture”). Two-toned steel nib (mine is a broad and I think you should go broad, too).

Convenient Converter Fill

It has an almost vintage feel to it, yes? Vintage, but not old. The design is so modern.

This isn’t your grandpa’s fountain pen (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

OK, so it’s pretty handsome, but how does the Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest (Fall 2014 Special Edition) Fountain Pen write?


Click here to see the full-sized handwritten review.

Things to know . . .

. . . . Goulet Pens graciously sent me this pen in exchange for my honest review. As a special edition, they are predicting that the pen will be available through November 2014. If sales are greater than expected, they could be out of stock sooner. You can get yours for $149 right here.

. . . . I have a giveaway (and more pictures of this beauty) coming up on Wednesday – hoping you’ll come back and check it out.

Your turn . . . love it? hate it? Does it make you look froward to fall?

11 thoughts on “PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest (Fall 2014 Special Edition Fountain Pen)

  1. I think it's quite lovely. While I have liked the last few as well, this is the first one that I could actually see myself buying (if only it weren't so pricey)…

  2. Thanks for another great review.

    What did you think of the ink? Is this your first “sepia?” If not, do you have a fave? I am on the lookout for one.


    ~ Jack

  3. I like this pen very much. I have the Caribbean Sea in a broad. I have been very happy with its performance. I am certain this one would be equally satisfying. The CS is 6 inches capped, and this looks to be the same size. However, I have very small hands and find the pen to still be comfortable. Based on your review it certainly looks to be a winner. Love your ink choice.

  4. I just purchased this pen…my first purchase over $80! Gulp. Double gulp. I'm a bit nervous about making such a big purchase/splurge and I hope that I'll love it as much as you do! I missed out on the Carribean Blue LE and kicked myself in the pants for not pulling the trigger sooner. Since Fall is my favorite season, I knew I didn't want to miss out again. Thanks for the awesome pics of this pen. Can't wait to get my hands on this!

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