PEN PREVIEW: Edison Nouveau LE Encore Tortoise Fleck

Oooh…lookie at what I got!

It’s what happens when Edison Pen Co and Goulet Pens get together – the Edison Nouveau LE Encore Tortoise Fleck.

Is that the cat’s meow? The translucency. Dude, it practically glows. ¬†These pictures were taken last week – early morning, low light.

I like the trim. Perhaps a bit deco? The top ring of the clip is concealed – giving the entire piece a more expensive feel.

The pen is super-comfy to hold. It’s a bit lighter than expected. I wonder what a man with bigger hands would think of it. It’s definitely well-balanced. A real joy to hold. (That sounds a bit corny, but I mean it!)

I have a problem. Totally a first world problem. I have too many pens and inks and not enough time to pay them all of the attention they deserve.

If there’s one small negative about the Encore, it’s that the section doesn’t fit completely flush with the barrel. It’s not a big deal – though my fingers to repeatedly search out this perceived imperfection each time I hold the pen. I wonder if it will be a bigger deal over time.

I paid $185. This is a crazy-good price for a run of 70 pens. CrAZy-GoOd!

Here’s the full description from Goulet Pens. Mine is a medium nib. I swear, I always regret going medium. I find myself wishing I’d gone with a fine nib – and this before I even ink it up. How crazy is that?

I posted my very first impressions over on FPN last week.

Which limited edition pens do you own?

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