PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau LE Encore

How pretty is that??

This pen is the brainchild of Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens and Brian Gray of Edison Pens. Hopefully, they will have a new limited edition pen for us each year.

You can read my Pen Preview of the Edison Nouveau LE Encore. Lots more pictures there.

I wrote in that post that the one maybe negative was that the section doesn’t fit flush with the barrel. Total non-issue in use. Didn’t feel it, didn’t think about it. Non-issue.

This is the first review with my new form. I got so excited about inking and using the pen that I didn’t weigh it, measure it, or anything else. (I’m rethinking the idea of including weights and measures – or maybe I’ll just include anecdotal information like, “too short,” or “feels right,” we’ll see.) Since then, I’ve cheated and looked at the full description over on Goulet Pens. It weighs 16g and measures 5.2″ when closed.

Honestly, I considered not using the pen at all – it’s #3 in a production run of 70 and that makes it feel almost too special to use. But, really? All of my pens are for using. I don’t plan to sell any of them and so if I don’t use them – what’s the point?

I note in my handwritten review that I was maybe regretting the medium nib – thinking I should have gotten the fine. After using it for a bit, though, the medium is a good choice, but I would also like to have an Edison with a fine nib. Pentulant, you know.

Later in the review I discuss that I’m already planning my next Edison purchase. Actually, though, I gave Mr. Pentulant the Edison Beaumont for Christmas. It’s #2 in this picture. The Beaumont was named Pen of the Year (2012). Mr. P hasn’t inked the pen yet. If he doesn’t soon, I may need to recall the gift. Pentulant again.


click to view larger

The Edison Nouveau is comfortable, balanced, and pretty pretty pretty. Definitely going into regular use around here.

After I wrote all of the above, I asked Mr. P (aka Jeff) if he would like to take it for a spin. He likes it a lot. “Smooth. Like butter.”

But look, he’s also having intermittent start issues. I do feel like this is an issue of not being able to find the sweet spot and not an issue with feed or anything like that. The more I write with it, the less problems I seem to have.

Bottom line?  True love!

One thought on “PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau LE Encore

  1. OK, OK, I'm inking already! But seriously, this pen is even nicer looking in person. This material has such a depth of color in good light that it's impossible to capture it all in a photograph.

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