PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau Premiere – Summer 2014

As soon as the mail carrier knocked quietly on the door (she doesn’t want to disturb the dogs…haha), I jumped up because I knew what was going to be on the porch waiting for me.

Days before, I’d seen the preview and knew I was going to own this pen – the Edison Nouveau Premiere – Caribbean Sea (Summer Edition 2014).

I have its Cherry Blossom – Spring 2014 sister. And I practically squealed when I saw the color of the Caribbean Sea.

Anyway . . . what I didn’t know was that within a few days of learning about this pen (a Goulet Pens exclusive from Edison Pen Co.), I’d have a note from Rachel Goulet – yes, the Rachel Goulet!!! – asking if I’d review some items for them from time to time and in exchange I’d get to keep the items. Are you kidding? Of course I will! I love what they’re doing over at Goulet Pens and how they’re doing it. I’m a frequent customer and huge fan. I’m seriously honored that they would ask me (just don’t tell them that I probably would have bought this pen anyway, ok?)

So..that’s the disclaimer, I received this pen at no charge to me and I’m being totally honest about what I think of it.

I love it.

The name of this pen is perfect – Caribbean Sea. The color is a gorgeous blue-green with lots of depth, swirls, and sheens. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it from different angles, in different light, on different surfaces. If you like the way it looks in my (very amateur) pictures, you’ll love the way it looks in person – seriously.

The shape of the Premiere is . . . interesting. It has the pointiest cap ever. In fact, I challenge you to find a pen with a more pointy cap.

I love that the section (the part you grip) is contoured and there is no steep drop-off between it and the body of the pen. It’s very comfortable in the hand.

The cap can be posted, but I’m finding that I like writing with it unposted better. It’s definitely not a weight issue – more that the pen is longer than average when posted and that may take some getting used to.

Of course, looks are only part of the equation when it comes to fountain pens.  How does it write?

I’m going to pat myself on the back for choosing the perfect color to go with this pen: Toucan Bright Blue. (More on Toucan inks coming soon.)

Here are some scanned handwriting samples. Click here to see the full-sized handwritten review.

Someone on Instagram asked me how the nib compared with the nib of a Lamy Safari. My answer is that the Edison Nouveau is more buttery smooth than the Lamy Safari. Some people like a little feedback when writing and others like a super duper smooth experience.

I’d say that the flow is a bit wet – but I like that. This nib is a medium, by the way.

I just checked and the Carribean Sea is sold out.  I’m pretty sure it will be back in stock, though – summer has just begun!

OK, that’s that. What do you think?  Did you order this one as soon as it came out? Will you be waiting for it to come back into stock?  And…do you match your ink to your pen colors?

I’ll be back later this week with an ink review!


Edited to Add:  It’s in stock – get it here!

11 thoughts on “PEN REVIEW: Edison Nouveau Premiere – Summer 2014

  1. Christine, there is an obvious difference in our ages and I would say I am conservative, but I do love a pop of color. Saying all of that this pen reminds me of a clown fish. I think I would be embarrassed to use it in public. I don't mean to sound mean, but I can find very little from the cut to the color to recommend this pen. I do not own an Edison pen but I suspect they are of a good construction (watched the video about them). At the price point they are marketed I would have qualms letting go of my of my limited funds for one of their pens. Keep up the good work of showing us your finds. This comment is probably just a reflection of being an old grump, so feel free to ignore me, brthr Shirl.

  2. Christine, Thanks for the review and GREAT score! I love the Edison line and currently own 3 of them. This one looks right up there in terms of the quality we expect from Brian. I'm not a real limited edition fan but can appreciate the boldness of the color and style. Enjoy

  3. I really like the color of this one (and the spring edition) but the style of the pen is just a bit too “traditional” for me. 😛 Haha, probably a good thing though because my list of pens to buy just keeps getting longer and longer. Thanks for another great review!

  4. Interesting point, Andi. The crazy-pointy cap keeps it less traditional for me, but there's a clear difference between this and, for example, the Lamy pens. Thank you for stopping by to comment again! xo

  5. Congrats on the pen score, and thank you for the review. I haven't tried the Nouveau Premiere pens at all, but based on my experience with other Edison pens, I'm sure it's wonderful! In regards to pointy caps, the Stipula Model T has some similarly pointy caps as well. I'll have to grab one of these (perhaps the fall edition) and see how they compare. 🙂

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