NOTEBOOK REVIEW: Rhodia Webnotebook Silver Edition

I was so excited when Goulet Pens approached me about reviewing the very luxe Rhodia Webnotebook in Silver. It’s a beautiful book and it’s not one I’d tried.

Without a doubt, this is a high-quality item – it is well-made and feels luxurious. The notebook features all of the bells and whistles – hard cover, ribbon bookmark, elastic band, and a handy pocket in the back for small papers, stickers, or receipts.

The ivory-colored paper is 90 gsm Clairefontaine and has as super-smooth feel to it.

I grabbed the nearest pen – a Lamy Al-Star filled with J Herbin Emerald of Chivor – and started writing. What a pleasure!

There was no bleeding, but a little show-through. This pen is wet and the nib is broad.

Even with some pretty heavy scribbling, there was only a teeny tiny amount of ink seeping through to the other side. You can see (in the bottom box) that the paper is starting to ripple a bit from the wetness – even then, there is hardly any ink coming through.

It’s the cover that makes this notebook truly special. Silvery “leatherette” with a lightly brushed finish takes this book to the next level. It feels expensive, it looks expensive. This is the kind of notebook that could easily be used in a professional setting and also be carried around for personal journaling or note taking. It commands attention, but not in the same way that sequins would, if you know what I mean.

Having said all of that, I wondered if it would be durable. I scratched it. On purpose. First, gently on the back. And then, not so gently. And then right across the front. Take that, Rhodia!

Held at the right angle, in the right light, the scratches I made are visible. But mostly not. I’m impressed.

This beauty containing 96 sheets of A5 paper is $25 at Goulet Pens.

If you can’t see spending $25 on a notebook for yourself, it would make a lovely gift for both men and women. (Of course, you’re totally worth the $25 – let’s not even go there.)

Thank you Goulet Pens for the opportunity to try this fantastic notebook!

NOTEBOOK REVIEW: Filofax A5 Notebook

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I bought this leatherette-covered notebook from Goulet Pens. The price was $18.95 and I paid with my very own pennies. Yes, this is a lot for a notebook, though it is refillable and that helps.

Let’s dive right in to the Filofax A5 Notebook:

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Measuring in at just around 6.33″ x 8.4″, this notebook is a handy size that will fit comfortably into larger sized handbags and totes. Mine is a bright and cheery red with a faux leather textured cover. The cover is over a thin and somewhat flexible bookboard. There is no off-putting scent to the cover – that is, it doesn’t smell like cheap vinyl.

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The elastic band is red with white trim on one side and vice versa on the reverse. The band itself is super high-quality – I don’t remember seeing such a nice band on any other notebook or planner.  The front and back covers are notched – this assures that pressure from the band doesn’t damage the cover.

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I immediately noticed the use of cardboard stiffeners in the front and back of the book and was concerned that this meant the cover and paper would be low-quality. Not the case at all.  With the stiffeners removed, the book is somewhat bendy – and that’s a very good thing because the entire thing can be wrapped around itself – cover to cover. Love this feature.

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Processed with RookieThe Filofax has a semi-concealed wire-o (twin wire) binding. The only way this could be improved upon would be if the wire was colored to match the notebook cover.

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The notebook comes pre-filled with 56 pages of ivory paper and a small stack of paper that can be used to refill the book. Refilling works much like disc-bound notebooks, but I like the way this looks so much more. (The paper looks closer to white in my pictures – that is a result of my skills as a non-photographer – it is definitely ivory.)

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

This Filofax A5 Notebook also has a nifty (and very flexible) ruler/bookmark and four repositionable tabs. The blue tab has a pocket – he pocket could have been cut deeper to make it easier to move papers around (and prevent tearing).  The other tabs are red, yellow, and purple.

Processed with RookieEven before writing in it, I was super-duper impressed with the quality and features of this notebook. So much to love.

Hopeful, I grabbed a bunch of nearby pens and even one of Mr. Pentulant’s pencils . . .

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

Performance is good. Not perfect, but good. The paper is more absorbent than favorites like Clairefontaine and Rhodia. (Interesting side note:  the label on the notebook says that the paper is 100 gms <not gsm>. I’m not sure if that’s a typo or if they are using some other non-standard measurement for the paper.)

Here’s a close-up of the writing. . .

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Turn the page and . . .

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Yikes…there’s quite a bit of show through (ghosting) with the fountain pens that would most likely be a deal-breaker for those who write on both sides of the paper. (The fountain pens I used were medium and broad nibs.) There were no issues with the gel pens or pencils, and there was no bleeding through to the next page with any of the pens.

I later tested the paper with a fine nib (Lamy Safari) and while there was still some show through, I think most people could tolerate it. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know.

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Here’s my bottom line:  I love this notebook. It has so many features that I want in all of my notebooks (the flexible cover, the pretty band, the tabs) that I’m going to try like crazy to get past the issue with the paper. I generally only write on one side of the paper, so I’m feeling hopeful!

You tell me – could you love this notebook? Is the paper issue a deal breaker? Do you know how this paper performance compares with other Filofax items?

REVIEW: 2015 Hobonichi Planner


At the end of last year, Mr. Pentulant came home from a business trip with a number of prezzies for me from the Kinokuniya store in Seattle. One of those gifts was this 2015  Hobonichi Planner.

I asked on Instagram and was told that this edition is the Weeks Planner. Apparently, it’s not available on the Hobonichi English website – just the full Japanese version.


I was immediately taken with the look and feel of the book. Like other Hobonich Planners, this one is filled with Tomoe River Paper. The cover is somewhat flexible (but not bendy) and the look is slim. There are two ribbon bookmarks. An elastic band would have been helpful.

This planner is too small for me to use as a daily planner, but it’s perfect perfect as a financial planning calendar.


The first set of pages are monthly grids. Keep track of payday, scribble daily spending amounts. Goals and accomplishments could easily go at the bottom of the pages.


The “meat” of the book consists of dates on the left-facing page and a lightly printed grid on the right. So far, I’m using the left side to keep track of future expenses and I’m using the right side for motivational words to stay on track with spending. The right side could also be used for food planning, lists, weekly goals, etc.

IMG_1343 Near the end of the book are a bunch of grid pages. I’ve not started using these pages yet, but could imagine using them for monthly summaries, keeping track of other goals, and of course – lists (always lists).

Bottom Line:  While we’re not that far into 2015, I like the way this is planner is shaping up!

Which planner(s) did you end up with? And, tell me, how many planners are you actively using?

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