New Look, Happy New Year, and Winner Winner!


Oh, you guys, It’s been so busy behind the scenes over here.

While everything hasn’t been moved over yet and some of the links are empty, I’m really happy to present the brand new Pentulant website. As part of the new look, I’ve moved everything over to WordPress and I’m feeling confident that this is the correct platform for growth in 2015.

In other words:  FUN TIMES AHEAD!

And while we’re on the topic of new things – Happy New Year! Did you stay up too late last night and are now faced with sleep lines criss-crossing your smiling face? Are you sporting the best case of bed head ever?  Wait. Wait. That’s me!  Happy New Year!


Finally, we have a winner!  Remember way back before sleep lines and bed head? The contest was to guess the number of cotton swabs in the above pictured gallon-sized bag.


The winner gets samples of each of the eight Diamine 150th Anniversary inks!

How many swabs in the bag?  A whopping 729.

And our winner? Jackie! Jackie guessed 725.  I’ve already contacted Jackie about collecting the prize.

Have you tried any of the new inks? I’ve used Tropical Green (not my favorite color, but it writes really well) and Terracotta (a truly unique orange/brown with some great shading).

4 thoughts on “New Look, Happy New Year, and Winner Winner!

  1. I like your new site. I have honestly been debating for many months now about moving over to wordpress. Do you have the paid subscription or free? My concern is that it would be a pain to transfer blog posts. I love the new look and look forward to reading your posts! Happy New Year Christine!

    • Thank you, Ashley.

      I have the paid subscription – but I honestly think that may have been overkill for what I do.

      I’m happier here with the organizational things than I was with Blogger’s. It felt like it was impossible to find things on my old blog. (Maybe user error? Ha.)

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