REVIEW: Sharpie Liquid Highlighters


Something a little different for today. I picked up a pack of eight Sharpie Liquid Highlighters a couple of weeks ago and decided to have a little fun with them . . .


These chisel tip highlighters make it easy to either highlight or underline text.

Below: The yellow looked a little funky right out of the package. The color went down super-wet and looked almost dirty (like the tip seen in this picture). It did soak through the paper a bit more than the other colors, but it dried to the bright yellow one would expect. The next time I used the marker, it was still looking like this, but it was no longer a super soaker.  😉


Because of the shape of the ends of the markers, you could hang these from a cord around your neck. You know, if you wanted to. Sharpie suggests that these can be attached to binders, planners, and bags.


My pack of eight contains the following colors:  red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and raspberry.  (I later learned that what I am calling raspberry is actually called berry by Sharpie – so close.)

The caps snap on with a solid click and can be posted with confidence. The clip is solid with a bit of flexibility.


I tested each marker with a gel pen and pencil.




These Sharpies are odor-free and the clear body lets the user see when ink is running low. All of them performed well with no smearing. I waited less than five minutes for the gel pen to dry before going at it with the marker.

But – highlighting text isn’t all these fun Sharpies can do . . . IMG_4237.JPGBottom Line:  I like them! The red is my least favorite color because it’s the least transparent of them all. All of the other colors seem like exactly what I want in a highlighter.

Hope you’re all having a good week!

REVIEW: Sharpie Refillable

click here for full size image

Click for super-size image

I’ve had this in my desk drawer forever. Not really sure why it was never opened. I love me a Sharpie. I paid around $10 for this one.

This item should not be confused with the Sherpa. This is a refillable item – meaning that one would need to purchase a specific refill. Oh, I tried to stuff a regular Sharpie (and several other pens) into the unit . . . no dice.

Would love to know how they decide that the regular (kinda fat) Sharpie is a fine point. I guess if you’re using one of the big fatty fat ones, this would be rather fine, but if you’re used to using any sort of fountain pen or even a broad gel pen, these are going to seem impossibly thick.

I love that the refill part number is so prominent on the packaging – and it shows that the refill screws in. I’m thinking this is to make it abundantly clear that this is a refillable unit.

Refills are available for a couple of bucks on Amazon. Looks like they only come in black – bummer.

click for ginormous image

My bottom line….

REVIEW: Sharpie Glitter Paint Set

Sometimes. A girl needs a needs a little glitter.

A little … scintillant.

A Sharpie. (Who doesn’t love Sharpies? Use them a lot. Mostly for work. But some because of fun.)

These were fun, too. Not sure I have a real use for them.

Each came individually wrapped inside the package. Pretty sure this is for one or two reasons…
1. leak prevention
2. protection from drying up

The big surprise? I thought they’d look WOW on black paper. Turns out, they are best on white. Probably a good thing considering I might be the only person around with a stash of black paper!

Have you tried these? The package says they’re available in six colors – I only saw the three-pack and white. What else is out there?

Are you like me and you sometimes buy cheapie things like this to try out? Even if you don’t have a real purpose for them?

REVIEW: Sharpie Metallic Trio

As we know, I loves me a Sharpie!  Add a bit of metallic and BOOM! We got ourselves a par-tay!

Total bummer that the caps don’t have a clip. Not that I put them in my shirt pocket. It’s just a bit weird without the clip.

I used these to sign some of the Christmas cards I sent out last year. A fun look.

Fun on white paper.

Wait for it….

Amazing on black paper!  Dude. Love the color.

I should do product photography, hm?

REVIEW: Sharpie Pen Stylo

Apparently, I’ve been on a Sharpie kick lately!
These pens (fineliners, really) are not related to the permanent markers that we all know (and love) from Sharpie.

The “comfort grip” is a bit gross. It feels tacky as if it would collect any little particle of dust or fuzz. Know what I mean?

Other than the feel of the grip, it’s ok – as long as you don’t mind a long dry time. 

I’m not a fan of this item. In fact, I’ve already “lost” these pens. Ick.

REVIEW: Sharpie White Paint Marker

Sharpie love.

Individually wrapped.

Shake well before using.

To get the ink flowing, I just pressed it gently against a scrap piece of paper.  I remember in years past having to press press press to get things like this going.

Sharpie must have strange definitions for fine points. They’re all a bit on the thick side.

I loooove the look of this paint marker on black. Looks like a chalk. Glossy would also be good, but this is a nice look.

We’re not really having all of that for dinner.  It’s more likely that we’ll have salmon and asparagus. Or cookies. What are you having?