REVIEW: Sharpie Glitter Paint Set

Sometimes. A girl needs a needs a little glitter.

A little … scintillant.

A Sharpie. (Who doesn’t love Sharpies? Use them a lot. Mostly for work. But some because of fun.)

These were fun, too. Not sure I have a real use for them.

Each came individually wrapped inside the package. Pretty sure this is for one or two reasons…
1. leak prevention
2. protection from drying up

The big surprise? I thought they’d look WOW on black paper. Turns out, they are best on white. Probably a good thing considering I might be the only person around with a stash of black paper!

Have you tried these? The package says they’re available in six colors – I only saw the three-pack and white. What else is out there?

Are you like me and you sometimes buy cheapie things like this to try out? Even if you don’t have a real purpose for them?

REVIEW: Sharpie Metallic Trio

As we know, I loves me a Sharpie!  Add a bit of metallic and BOOM! We got ourselves a par-tay!

Total bummer that the caps don’t have a clip. Not that I put them in my shirt pocket. It’s just a bit weird without the clip.

I used these to sign some of the Christmas cards I sent out last year. A fun look.

Fun on white paper.

Wait for it….

Amazing on black paper!  Dude. Love the color.

I should do product photography, hm?

PEN REVIEW: Bic Multipens

Way back when, I wanted one of these Bic multipens oh-so-bad. Maybe even more than I wanted the holiday “book” of Lifesavers candy! They were definitely a “luxury” item and only a few kids (and some teachers!) had them.
Now, they are quite readily available – and even in four fancy fashion colors.

Made in France! Who knew!

So. Many years later, I have to say – I’ll stick with fountain pens!

PEN REVIEW: Uni-Ball Signo Pack

I love fountain pens, but let’s face it – they are not perfect for every situation.

For vibrant gel pens, these Uniball Signo pens are among my favorites.

And (bonus points!), they help prevent check fraud! (Not really sure that’s a selling point for most people who are handling their check writing electronically these days.) (And I’m not really sure banks would appreciate checks written in some of these colors.)

Here’s the blurb about check washing from the back of the package:

I love the pretty colors. They really are quite vibrant.

Love the click action. The clips are nice if you’re into those (I’m not).

Like most packaged pens these days, these come with the protective blob at the tip to prevent leaks.

The grippy section is – well, grippy. The texture has a good feel to it. I’m not completely sold on the material used for the grippy section – it feels a bit rubbery to me, but it’s not awful.

How do they write?  Lovely, that’s how!

click to make bigger

too pale to be useful?

Love purple!

my favorite!

At around $10 per pack (eight pens), it’s hard to go wrong.

If there’s a negative, it’s that I wish these came in a finer tip. The .7 mm is a bit thick for my preferences – but I’m assuming they’ve asked around and this is what most people want.

When you’re not using a fountain pen, what are you using?