INK SWAB 217: Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Pink (HL)


Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Pink was created to be used as a highlighting ink. Because I’ve had some of these specialty inks turn to goo in the sample bottle, I would not put them in a fountain pen.

I use these inks in Preppy Refillable Highlighters – I also buy the converter because it seems to keep things a little more simple for me. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d buy it again because there are so many wonderful highlighting pens out there already.

What do you think?

INK SWAB: 191/365 – Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Orange


Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Orange is more of a peach-pink color in this swab. I have found that some of the highlighter inks fade a bit more easily than other inks – even with my samples always stored in a dark cabinet. Or maybe there has been a labeling problem – I’m really not sure what is going on here.

Here’s a link to Goulet Pens – I’d suggest checking out the reviews before buying this ink and even then I would never ever put this into a fountain pen. Never. Ever. I’ve seen first-hand the problem with Year of the Golden Pig – it arrived completely as expected and turned to goop pretty quickly. Scary stuff.

REVIEW: Sharpie Liquid Highlighters


Something a little different for today. I picked up a pack of eight Sharpie Liquid Highlighters a couple of weeks ago and decided to have a little fun with them . . .


These chisel tip highlighters make it easy to either highlight or underline text.

Below: The yellow looked a little funky right out of the package. The color went down super-wet and looked almost dirty (like the tip seen in this picture). It did soak through the paper a bit more than the other colors, but it dried to the bright yellow one would expect. The next time I used the marker, it was still looking like this, but it was no longer a super soaker.  😉


Because of the shape of the ends of the markers, you could hang these from a cord around your neck. You know, if you wanted to. Sharpie suggests that these can be attached to binders, planners, and bags.


My pack of eight contains the following colors:  red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and raspberry.  (I later learned that what I am calling raspberry is actually called berry by Sharpie – so close.)

The caps snap on with a solid click and can be posted with confidence. The clip is solid with a bit of flexibility.


I tested each marker with a gel pen and pencil.




These Sharpies are odor-free and the clear body lets the user see when ink is running low. All of them performed well with no smearing. I waited less than five minutes for the gel pen to dry before going at it with the marker.

But – highlighting text isn’t all these fun Sharpies can do . . . IMG_4237.JPGBottom Line:  I like them! The red is my least favorite color because it’s the least transparent of them all. All of the other colors seem like exactly what I want in a highlighter.

Hope you’re all having a good week!

INK SWAB: 159/365 – Noodler’s Georgia Peach (Highlighter)



Noodler’s makes several highlighting inks. These work wonderfully in Preppy refillable markers and highlighters. (Perhaps in other brands, too, but this is what I’ve used.)

The color of this one is definitely bright pink and doesn’t remind me much at all of peaches. That said, I like it quite a bit.

INK SWAB: 145/365 – Noodler’s Year of the Golden Pig



Noodler’s Year of the Golden Pig is interesting to me.

I’ve bought the sample from Goulet Pens (from where most of my samples come) twice. The first time, the ink sat for a very long time before I got to it and it was . . . coagulated. Ew.  I bought it again, opened the bottle the same day and . . . same thing.

I’m not sure what is going on, but I know this ink isn’t going into any pens I own.  Do any of you have experience with Year of the Golden Pig? I’d love to hear all about it.


INK SWAB: 72/365 – Noodler’s Sunrise Highlighter



Noodler’s Sunrise – Highlighter Ink

I really really like the color of this ink. It’s made for use in highlighting markers. I can see some spread/feathering and that does make me a bit concerned as to how it would behave in a marker or pen.

Have you tried this one? Howdit (it’s a word!) work out for you?

REVIEW: Staedtler Textsurfer Gel

I’m a huge fan of highlighters and especially like the Staedtler brand. They work well and aren’t too smeary.

Before we get started with the review, did you see that I’m giving away a brand new Lamy Safari Fountain Pen? It’s the new Neon Coral color and still have time to enter to win.

On to the review …

When I saw the Textsurfer Gel, I picked one up with hopeful skepticism. I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t what I saw when I removed the cap. They reminded me of the Crayola Stick Slix (do you know those?) and I was immediately concerned about smears, bits of the gel flecking off, and having a product that would be consumed very quickly.

Using HP 32 lb paper, I tested four fountain pen inks, two Bic ballpoints, one marker, and one pencil. Before swiping the Textsurfer across the writing, I made sure the inks were dry.

Overall, it went very well as far as smeariness goes.

There was definitely a somewhat sticky gel residue left on top of the paper. Surprisingly, over the course of a few days, that went away and what was left looked and felt like any other highlighter.

Imagine that gel residue if I’d been highlighting in a book and closed the page? Ew.

I then did some in-depth testing with Noodler’s Black . . .

Line 1…didn’t wait for the ink to dry before highlighting
Line 2…a retest of the above
Line 3…waiting for the ink to dry and then vigorously rubbed the gel
Line 4…didn’t wait for the ink to dry before vigorously rubbing the gel (ignore that dog hair, please)

Here’s a link to the full-size original image. (It’s big.)
My final analysis . . . 
  • It’s ok (not great). My fear of flecking was not realized (good news!).  
  • The sticky residue is troubling, but not terrible for single sheets of paper that aren’t going to be stacked. 
  • The cap cannot be posted – irritating, for sure.
  • I wouldn’t buy another one of these.

Have you tried this? What is your favorite highlighter? I have some of the Noodler’s highlighting inks. Need to get them loaded and tested.