PEN REVIEW: Pelikan M805 (Broad Nib)

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Pelikan M805 – Broad Nib

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love this pen. It’s big love. Major Big Love. The love I feel for this pen may rival my Montblanc Heritage 1912. It’s serious.

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I received this pen as a Christmas gift from Mr. Pentulant last year and I’m pretty sure I squeeeeeeeeed when I saw it.

It’s a beauty. Dark blue and black stripes, shiny palladium platings, two-toned 18 carat gold nib with rhodium.

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More than just a pretty face, though, the Pelikan M805 is a solid and iconic pen with a long history. In fact, the Souveran line from Pelikan was launched in the 1950s (the green 400-size was the first).

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This pen uses a differential piston fill system. The one thing spins faster than the other thing (read about that here). I’m not sure if that’s why – but I can tell you the mechanism is the smoothest I have experienced. It feels like things are gliding along during the fill process.

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The caps screws on and can be posted. I’d say that the posting isn’t as deep as I’d like, but I feel confident that it’s not going to slip off the end. While perfect for me, I wonder if the section is long enough on this model for very large hands.

How Does The Pelikan M805 Write?

Like, omg. That’s how it writes. Seriously. I am not kidding you.

The nib is smooth without skating across the paper. I have a broad nib and it’s definitely a western broad. It’s juicy wet without laying down too much ink. I may be crazy, but I think my handwriting is improved by this pen.

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Based on my experiences, I would say that if you’re a serious pen lover and you have the budget, the Pelikan M805 should be on your wish list. I know I already have my eye on another!


PEN REVIEW: Pelikan Script 1.0

A quickie review of the Pelikan Script 1.0 for you today.

I bought this inexpensive (I’m thinking under $10) pen at the SF Pen Show a couple of years ago. I remember someone saying that this is the pen that young French children use when they are learning to write. I’d dipped it in a little ink to test it out and then put it in a drawer and totally forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago.

There’s no converter – and I don’t think one is even available for it. One of the standards might fit – to be honest, I didn’t even try. Instead, I bought a couple of packs of Pelikan cartridge ink from Goulet Pens.

Definitely a big broad nib. For such an inexpensive pen, I found it quite nice to write with. Smooth, maybe even a bit of a “skater.”

Very easy to deal with. Am thinking this would be a fun pen to take on trips. Just pop 1-2 cartridges and the pen into a bag and we’re off. No mess, no fuss. And, really, if this pen gets lost in transit, I’m not going to be heartbroken for long.

You know what’s irritating about this pen? It’s not made to be posted. Not an issue if you don’t normally post, but a bit, well, irritating if you’re a poster like I.  The cap will definitely fit on to the end of the pen, but it rattles around up there like mad.
All-in-all, I like the Pelikan Script. 
Are you into any cheapie pens right now? Or maybe a special Pelikan? I love that they make pens for every budget, don’t you?

PEN REVIEW: Pelikan M200 Demonstrator

What’s better than a demonstrator pen? A demonstrator with a great looking fill system.

And an italic nib.

Of course, looks aren’t everything.

I liked it!  Shorter than your average pen, but well-balanced and neither too heavy nor too light. 
It holds a gallon of ink and as I rarely use more than a couple of ml of ink per pen each week, I didn’t fill it completely. Lordy, I love seeing that ink slosh around in the pen. Even if it was “just” Noodler’s black doing the sloshing. Beautiful.
I had some repeated issues with hard starts. Wondering if it’s the italic nib + my dastardly left-handedness that causes the trouble. Fortunately, I have a replacement nib (it was free with purchase – nice!) and can try again another day with this one.
Do you like demonstrators? I like them and have a strong preference for those that are perfectly clear.