PEN REVIEW: Pelikan M200 Demonstrator

What’s better than a demonstrator pen? A demonstrator with a great looking fill system.

And an italic nib.

Of course, looks aren’t everything.

I liked it!  Shorter than your average pen, but well-balanced and neither too heavy nor too light. 
It holds a gallon of ink and as I rarely use more than a couple of ml of ink per pen each week, I didn’t fill it completely. Lordy, I love seeing that ink slosh around in the pen. Even if it was “just” Noodler’s black doing the sloshing. Beautiful.
I had some repeated issues with hard starts. Wondering if it’s the italic nib + my dastardly left-handedness that causes the trouble. Fortunately, I have a replacement nib (it was free with purchase – nice!) and can try again another day with this one.
Do you like demonstrators? I like them and have a strong preference for those that are perfectly clear. 

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