PEN REVIEW: Pelikan M805 (Broad Nib)

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Pelikan M805 – Broad Nib

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love this pen. It’s big love. Major Big Love. The love I feel for this pen may rival my Montblanc Heritage 1912. It’s serious.

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I received this pen as a Christmas gift from Mr. Pentulant last year and I’m pretty sure I squeeeeeeeeed when I saw it.

It’s a beauty. Dark blue and black stripes, shiny palladium platings, two-toned 18 carat gold nib with rhodium.

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More than just a pretty face, though, the Pelikan M805 is a solid and iconic pen with a long history. In fact, the Souveran line from Pelikan was launched in the 1950s (the green 400-size was the first).

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This pen uses a differential piston fill system. The one thing spins faster than the other thing (read about that here). I’m not sure if that’s why – but I can tell you the mechanism is the smoothest I have experienced. It feels like things are gliding along during the fill process.

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The caps screws on and can be posted. I’d say that the posting isn’t as deep as I’d like, but I feel confident that it’s not going to slip off the end. While perfect for me, I wonder if the section is long enough on this model for very large hands.

How Does The Pelikan M805 Write?

Like, omg. That’s how it writes. Seriously. I am not kidding you.

The nib is smooth without skating across the paper. I have a broad nib and it’s definitely a western broad. It’s juicy wet without laying down too much ink. I may be crazy, but I think my handwriting is improved by this pen.

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Based on my experiences, I would say that if you’re a serious pen lover and you have the budget, the Pelikan M805 should be on your wish list. I know I already have my eye on another!


4 thoughts on “PEN REVIEW: Pelikan M805 (Broad Nib)

  1. Awesome review! Thank you for this. I just saw your IG photo and I quickly went here. =)

    I do have fairly large hands and that section is perfect for me. I do feel the threads somewhat but it doesn’t bother at all.

    Keep up this awesome site and see you in IG world. =)

    Btw, what ink did you use here?

  2. I have ordered the 800 (medium nib) and it is on its way to me now. I love my 400 and I only hope I don’t decide that the 800 is too big for me. This ink is a lovely match and I may have to track some down.

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