INK SWAB: 166/365 – Platinum Mix-Free Flame Red



If my memory is serving me well today, this ink isn’t quite as in-your-face as the swab would have you believe.

That is definitely one of the troubles with ink swabs: the color is sometimes more saturated in a swab than it will be out of a pen. Of course, there is also the trouble of different scanners, monitors, and computers.  Perhaps a topic for another day, hm?

INK SWAB: 144/365 – Platinum Mix-Free Earth Brown



Platinum Mix-Free inks can be combined with others in the line to make new colors without the risk of running into mixtures that turn to goop. While I’ve not written with Earth Brown, the color is not very appealing to me.

Have you mixed inks? What have been your successes? Any disasters you want to share?

INK SWAB: 6/365 – Platinum Mix-Free Sunny Yellow

* YELLOW PLATINUM MIX-FREE 006Sunny Yellow from the Platinum Mix-Free line is a cheerful orangey yellow ink. I’ve used some of the inks in this line and they have all been well-behaved.

In case you didn’t know, all of the inks in the Mix-Free line can be mixed together to create other shades and colors. Here’s a link to all of the Mix-Free items that Goulet Pens carries. I didn’t know this item existed until just now.

And! In my ongoing quest to get this new website completed sometime before the end of time, I’ve updated my Wish List. I use this list to keep track of the items that have caught my eye.

Annnd! I’m giving away a pretty notebook filled with Tomoe River Paper.  Enter today.

Finally (I know, I know – so chatty), Have you seen Reverenced Writing?