INK SWAB: 166/365 – Platinum Mix-Free Flame Red



If my memory is serving me well today, this ink isn’t quite as in-your-face as the swab would have you believe.

That is definitely one of the troubles with ink swabs: the color is sometimes more saturated in a swab than it will be out of a pen. Of course, there is also the trouble of different scanners, monitors, and computers.  Perhaps a topic for another day, hm?

INK SWAB: 6/365 – Platinum Mix-Free Sunny Yellow

* YELLOW PLATINUM MIX-FREE 006Sunny Yellow from the Platinum Mix-Free line is a cheerful orangey yellow ink. I’ve used some of the inks in this line and they have all been well-behaved.

In case you didn’t know, all of the inks in the Mix-Free line can be mixed together to create other shades and colors. Here’s a link to all of the Mix-Free items that Goulet Pens carries. I didn’t know this item existed until just now.

And! In my ongoing quest to get this new website completed sometime before the end of time, I’ve updated my Wish List. I use this list to keep track of the items that have caught my eye.

Annnd! I’m giving away a pretty notebook filled with Tomoe River Paper.  Enter today.

Finally (I know, I know – so chatty), Have you seen Reverenced Writing?