THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fountain Pen Edition

Noodler’s Blue Eel Ink Swab

Time for another fabulous Throwback Thursday!

But first – it’s almost Valentine’s Day – are you celebrating by going to the LA Pen Show?

Also, don’t forget, I am giving away a bottle of (almost new) Pilot Iroshizuku Shin ryoku. You still have time to enter. Go go go.

Last year around this time, I was going on about Noodler’s Blue Eel. I didn’t love it – too wet for my needs, but seeing the color sure makes me want to try it again. I also might be missing my review forms – probably not enough to start using them again right away, but maybe..someday. We’ll see.

Here’s what others were talking about….

Brian Goulet from Ink Nouveau was showing off Apica Notebooks. (I ended up getting a few of these – they’re nice!)

Inktronics gave us a first impression photo of an ink I know nothing about.

The Pen Addict reviewed the Platinum Balance. This is a pen I have, but haven’t written about yet. It’s love. Serious serious love.

Gourmet Pens had an in-depth review of another ink I know nothing about. (Do you love black inks? I’m not wild about them.)

And, finally, Ed Jelley reviewed an ink that I know and adore – J Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fountain Pen Edition

Last year around this same time, I was talking about DeAtramentis Gold.  I didn’t love it.

Let’s jump into the ole time machine and take a look at some things you may have missed…

The Unroyal Warrant looked at the Pilot 78G Fountain Pen.

Pen Addict was talking about a super-popular ink – Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki.

Notebook Stories had a..uh..well, just look at it for yourself. Crazy, right?

The gentle people over on FPN were talking about Sheaffer Skrip Blue and another person was asking for help identifying his fountain pen find.

So…Throwback Thursday….is it fun or stupid? Somewhere in between?  Help me decide.

Throwback Thursday: Fountain Pen Edition

Noodler’s Habanero Ink Swab on Tomoe River Paper

It’s another edition of Throwback Thursday!

Just about a year ago, I was going on and on about Noodler’s Habanero. I’d heard so much about it and its wonderful shading abilities. I was definitely not disappointed. It was one of the inks I swabbed on to Tomoe River Paper.  Gorgeous! And I wrote about it again in August.

I’ve not used it for a few months, but seeing it again definitely makes me crave.

What was everyone else talking about last year?

FPN had a review of Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku.

Notebook, Esq. wasn’t talking about a fountain pen.

Foutain Pen Geeks were looking at form and function.

Rocket? Pencil Sharpener?  Take a look.

Inkdependence was sharing some ink love with us.

And, finally, Gourmet Pens had a sweet Wordless Wednesday.

Throwback Thursday: Fountain Pen Edition #1

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Last March, I was talking about the F-word, Cookie Butter, and flex writing. Check it out.

Let’s go back in time and see what others were talking about.

Beautiful Handwriting over on FPN

Pretty pretty ink review on Inkdependence

Rants of the Archer had a Lamy Nexx up for review. (Look at that color!)

The Missive Maven was talking about postal rate increases. Ug.

Writing by Hand – I dig that style.

Scription posted a cRaZy Field Notes experiment. I suggest watching the video rather than trying it at home yourself.