THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fountain Pen Edition

Last year around this same time, I was talking about DeAtramentis Gold.  I didn’t love it.

Let’s jump into the ole time machine and take a look at some things you may have missed…

The Unroyal Warrant looked at the Pilot 78G Fountain Pen.

Pen Addict was talking about a super-popular ink – Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki.

Notebook Stories had a..uh..well, just look at it for yourself. Crazy, right?

The gentle people over on FPN were talking about Sheaffer Skrip Blue and another person was asking for help identifying his fountain pen find.

So…Throwback Thursday….is it fun or stupid? Somewhere in between?  Help me decide.

One thought on “THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fountain Pen Edition

  1. Hi there, I actually think this gold is a very nice one. It's not too bright that it hurts the eyes, while remaining a nice cheerful colour for writing. And I like that you have a highlight test too, it can get important when one uses fountain pens for note-taking and wants to highlight something!
    You might also want to check out my site, Let me know if you want to link up!
    – Maybelline (On Fountain Pens)

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