Throwback Thursday: Fountain Pen Edition

Noodler’s Habanero Ink Swab on Tomoe River Paper

It’s another edition of Throwback Thursday!

Just about a year ago, I was going on and on about Noodler’s Habanero. I’d heard so much about it and its wonderful shading abilities. I was definitely not disappointed. It was one of the inks I swabbed on to Tomoe River Paper.  Gorgeous! And I wrote about it again in August.

I’ve not used it for a few months, but seeing it again definitely makes me crave.

What was everyone else talking about last year?

FPN had a review of Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku.

Notebook, Esq. wasn’t talking about a fountain pen.

Foutain Pen Geeks were looking at form and function.

Rocket? Pencil Sharpener?  Take a look.

Inkdependence was sharing some ink love with us.

And, finally, Gourmet Pens had a sweet Wordless Wednesday.

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