PEN REVIEW: Pilot Varsity All Colors

We’ve already¬†looked at the blue – and now here are the remaining colors of the Varsity Pilot fountain pens.

The Classics
Some people worry that something is wrong with the pen when they see the ink down in the section (the part of the pen between the barrel and the nib). This is perfectly normal and is a result of the ink moving through the feed system into the nib. In most pens, this part of the pen is opaque – but if you could see, you would see – this is perfectly normal.

Handy Ink Window

The Whole Enchilada
Bottom Line? In a pinch, these get the job done. The colors are fun.

PEN REVIEW: Pilot Varsity Blue

Nearly everyone who has been attracted to fountain pens has given one these a try. Some people even convert their empties to eyedropper pens and use them forever.

I always think it’s interesting when someone recommends a cheapie pen to someone interested in trying a fountain pen for the first time.

I think handing them something fancy pants would be the better choice. Let the new use experience the best right from the start. But isn’t a brave fountain pen user who is willing to hand over their luxury pen to a newbie?

My assessment….it writes. It’s not smooth. The ink is well-saturated. As you’ll see in coming weeks, I have managed to Collect Them All. ¬†I’ll be giving them away. Probably to a newbie..haha.

Sound off below. Have you tried the Pilot Varsity?