INK REVIEW: Diamine Ultra Green

Diamine Ultra Green Swab

 With the demise of Caran D’ache Amazon Green, I have been on the lookout for another green that I can love as much.  Maybe Ultra Green from Diamine is it.

I tested Ultra Green on a variety of papers including famed Tomoe River Paper. While I have some issues with Tomoe River Paper (it crinkles like mad and needs to be treated gently for this reason), I also think it is fantastic to get a true read of the color of an ink. Rather than being absorbed into the paper, the ink seems to sit on top of the paper – there is never even a little bleed-through or feathering with Tomoe River Paper.
gorgeous color

I love the clear and crisp qualities that this ink has to offer. Great clean green with good saturation (so important to me) and even a little shading.

In some ways, maybe I like this ink even better than Amazon from Caran D’ache.  Look at the highlighting test and the smearing (well, the lack of smearing).

Diamine Ultra Green Writing Test on Strathmore Cotton Paper

I love the swab below. The variation of color . . .

Diamine Ultra Green Writing Test on Clairefontaine Paper

Yep! This might be my new green – might have to do more testing first, though, yes?

Diamine Ultra Green Writing Test on Tomoe River Paper

Do you have a favorite green? Tell me all about it!

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