REVIEW: Penvelope 13 from Franklin-Christoph

I shared a tiny preview of my Penvelope 13 from Franklin-Christoph earlier this month and am back now for a more detailed look.

I had originally ordered two of the Penvelopes that would hold six pens each. Unfortunately, they only had one to send me right away – so I was offered the option of waiting another week or upgrading to the “Lucky 13” at no charge.  I took the upgrade offer and received it in the Black Crocodile style (pictured here). The P-6 (which I don’t have pictures of yet) is Boot Brown.

As advertised, it holds 13 pens.

Mr. P snuck one pen out of the holder because he’d ordered a super-secret surprise pen for me (more on that another day).

Without any kind of stretching or straining, it holds some of my biggest pens. I tested with a Montblanc 149 – no problem. The two pens on the left are Waterman Edsons – again, no problems at all. No touching, no rubbing.

Magnetic Snap Closure
High quality interior fabric
Impeccable Stitching

I’m in love.  Fashion and function. High quality. Excellent customer service (they even called to check in after the items were received). Highly recommended.

Sharing a Couple of Pictures

Hey everyone…I’m still honeymooning, but wanted to pop in to share a few pictures.

Above are a few of the pen-related things I have with me.  In the background, is a DIY leather journal kit that Mr. P had as a surprise for me. I’ve already put it together – way fun (and I’ll share pics another time).

That big thing is a Penvelope from Franklin-Christoph – it holds a whopping 13 pens and I bought it in anticipation of this trip and it does not disappoint. (Again, I’ll have more pictures for you another time.)

The smaller pen case holds the pen that Jeff’s uncle Robert gave me. Robert died late last year (we miss him so very much). Jeff carried his pen in his suit pocket when we got married last week. Love.

There’s a small Midori Notebook, a Clairfontaine Notebook, and (of course) the charger for my camera in the picture too.  Lots of goodies.

For this first part of our trip, a friend graciously let us borrow his home. How lucky are we?  Of course, this friend knows me (perhaps a bit too well!).

Flowers are such a nice thought…

But…Post-It Notes?!

Even in the bathroom!  (Haha..with hotel-style toiletries!)

Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who know you so well?

I’ll check back soon – doing a lot of honeymooning here!