Sharing a Couple of Pictures

Hey everyone…I’m still honeymooning, but wanted to pop in to share a few pictures.

Above are a few of the pen-related things I have with me.  In the background, is a DIY leather journal kit that Mr. P had as a surprise for me. I’ve already put it together – way fun (and I’ll share pics another time).

That big thing is a Penvelope from Franklin-Christoph – it holds a whopping 13 pens and I bought it in anticipation of this trip and it does not disappoint. (Again, I’ll have more pictures for you another time.)

The smaller pen case holds the pen that Jeff’s uncle Robert gave me. Robert died late last year (we miss him so very much). Jeff carried his pen in his suit pocket when we got married last week. Love.

There’s a small Midori Notebook, a Clairfontaine Notebook, and (of course) the charger for my camera in the picture too.  Lots of goodies.

For this first part of our trip, a friend graciously let us borrow his home. How lucky are we?  Of course, this friend knows me (perhaps a bit too well!).

Flowers are such a nice thought…

But…Post-It Notes?!

Even in the bathroom!  (Haha..with hotel-style toiletries!)

Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who know you so well?

I’ll check back soon – doing a lot of honeymooning here!

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