I was at Staples a few weeks ago and picked up several items from a brand I’d never seen – Poppin. Last week, I reviewed the Poppin Gel Pens. Before that, I had a closer look at the Cahier Notebook.  I didn’t enjoy either those items.

And, here’s a surprise . . . I’m not wild about these ballpoint pens from Poppin either.

The pens are a dozen to a pack, the ink is black, the tips are medium (1 mm).  The barrel is solid purple and other than that, the style is exactly the same as the gel pens.  That is to say that the pens have that terrible “step down” grip that isn’t very comfortable for any sort of longer time spent writing.

Flow is good and there’s no terrible squeaking sound like with the gel pens. Surprisingly, the ballpoint practically skates across the page, providing no sense of feedback or friction. A bit odd for a ballpoint – and some people may enjoy that feeling – I did not.

I ended up putting the pen I used back in the package and gave them to a friend who loves purple.

So…that’s three failed items in the Poppin line for me. I’ll say again what a shame it is – the items are so pretty. If only they were also functional.

PEN REVIEW: The Christian Dior Twins

Christian Dior Ballpoint Pens

I’ve been organizing my pen desk and came across these two. The Christian Dior twins, as I like to call them.  (These pics are from my iPhone – not the best quality.)

I’ve had these forever. I think they came from one of my very first pen shows in San Francisco. I remember showing them off to friends after the show.  Someone asked me if they were very expensive. “No, just $40 or so.”  I may as well have said $4,000.  Oopsie.

I’ve done a little research and I’m not finding these styles anywhere.  Curious.

They write great. You’re going to have to take my word for because I have no scans to show you. I just wanted you to see how pretty. Especially the red one – love that pattern, yes?

I believe they are enamel over some sort of metal. They have a great feel in the hand. Average length, but super-slim. I used them as my “purse pens” for quite awhile and they show very few signs of use.

That’s it for today. Just a quick look at a couple of fun pens.

There are some fountain pen collectors who would never ever ever consider using a ballpoint. I have a bunch – some I love, some not so much.  I do think ballpoints have their practical applications and they are certainly no mess, no fuss.

What about you?  Love? Hate? Or are you like me – depends?