PEN REVIEW: The Christian Dior Twins

Christian Dior Ballpoint Pens

I’ve been organizing my pen desk and came across these two. The Christian Dior twins, as I like to call them.  (These pics are from my iPhone – not the best quality.)

I’ve had these forever. I think they came from one of my very first pen shows in San Francisco. I remember showing them off to friends after the show.  Someone asked me if they were very expensive. “No, just $40 or so.”  I may as well have said $4,000.  Oopsie.

I’ve done a little research and I’m not finding these styles anywhere.  Curious.

They write great. You’re going to have to take my word for because I have no scans to show you. I just wanted you to see how pretty. Especially the red one – love that pattern, yes?

I believe they are enamel over some sort of metal. They have a great feel in the hand. Average length, but super-slim. I used them as my “purse pens” for quite awhile and they show very few signs of use.

That’s it for today. Just a quick look at a couple of fun pens.

There are some fountain pen collectors who would never ever ever consider using a ballpoint. I have a bunch – some I love, some not so much.  I do think ballpoints have their practical applications and they are certainly no mess, no fuss.

What about you?  Love? Hate? Or are you like me – depends?

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