PEN REVIEW: Montblanc 145 Rose Gold – Meisterstuck 90 Years Anniversary Fountain Pen

It has been busy around here the last couple of weeks!

Mr. Pentulant graduated from his masters program, went on a short vacation, celebrated my birthday while we were away, and Mr. Pentulant started his fancy new job. Busy!

Above is one of my birthday gifts from the mister.  The pen is actually sitting on top of the box in that picture.  Here is the box without the pen . . .

I find it interesting that it’s the 1912 Heritage (or perhaps the original safety pen?) on the sleeve. Also, my understanding from the Montblanc Facebook Page is that the shiny rose gold sleeve is only available for a year.

While I generally am not a huge fan of rose gold, there are so many things to love about this pen – the rose gold is deep and warm, the detailed design of the nib engraving, and (of course) the superb quality and reputation of Montblanc – it was definitely on my wish list.

Mine has a fine nib.  Even the sticker is rose gold . . .

And Mr. Pentulant correctly guessed that I would want a 145 – smaller-sized than the iconic 149 and with a converter rather than piston.

I couldn’t wait to ink it up.

It’s a great pen – the style, the writing. It sounds cliche, but the this pen really is an instant classic.