INK SWAB: 111/365 – PW Akkerman Hofvijver Grijs



Hofvijver Grijs is a nice middle-of-the-road gray (unless you prefer that it be grey) ink from PW Akkerman.

If you’ve been searching for a US source for Akkerman inks and their iconic bottles, check out Vanness Pen Shop. I’ve only ordered from here once, but had a good experience.

One thought on “INK SWAB: 111/365 – PW Akkerman Hofvijver Grijs

  1. It is much less expensive to purchase directly from Akkerman in the Netherlands, as long as you are willing to purchase 4-5 bottles at a time (including very high shipping costs). Not that I am opposed to purchasing from a US business, however Vanness charges more than double the cost per bottle.

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