INK REVIEW: Montblanc Daniel Defoe – Palm Green

Handwritten Ink Review – Montblanc Palm Green
Montblanc recently released their newest ink: Daniel Defoe – Palm Green.

It’s a darkish yellow-green. 

It’s not super-saturated and it writes great – no problems at all out of the pen.
Amazing shading? Yes!
Daniel Defoe – loving the shading.
At first glance, I was concerned that this ink would be too much like DeAtramentis’s Saraha Grey, but it really is much more dark with more depth of color than that. And then I thought it might be a bit like Sailor Jentle Epinard (now discontinued), but it really is much more pretty than that, with less blue in the ink.

I’m not 100% convinced that the color is for me. I’m generally a fan of clean green colors. For example, Noodler’s Gruene Cactus Eel is appealing to me.

Having said that, though, I will also say that Daniel Defoe and his Palm Green ink is growing on me a quite bit in the week or so that I’ve had it.

I’m going to check in soon with an update after I’ve used it a bit more.  What do you think?  Love it, have to have it?

5 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Montblanc Daniel Defoe – Palm Green

  1. The shading is excellent and I can see how this would grown on you given it is unique enough. Thanks for comparing it to so many other greens. Being new, that kind of context is INVALUABLE!
    Thanks again for a great review!

  2. Love Love Love this sort of green! Not too yellow, not brownish, not super dark. Not an evergreen. I just started poking around the pen world, and I've looked at a LOT of green ink swabs and reviews online (not as nice as looking at them in person, but… budget) and I think I may have to get my hands on this one personally. Thanks for the review!

  3. Hi I just ordered 2 bottles of this ink for my MB William Faulkner fountain pen …. it looks great . Thanks for your very informative review ! – John

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