INK REVIEW: Private Reserve DC Supershow Green

Private Reserve DC Supershow Green Ink Swab

First, forgive the swab – not sure why it’s a bit blurry.

Second, this ink isn’t green. It’s teal. More toward the green side of teal, but still – it’s teal.

Private Reserve DC Supershow Green Writing Sample

That aside, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote the following…..

Was I perhaps blinded by my pet peeve? I think maybe so.  Because looking at it now, DC Supershow Teal Green definitely has something special.  Look at all of that shading.  Now that the bitterness of the name not matching the color of the ink has subsided, even I can admit that there are some really great qualities about this ink.

What is my new bottom line?  The one I’m writing while keeping names out of it?  It’s a good ink. It writes well.  The color isn’t for me.

OK…this is a trend. Three Mondays in a row, I’ve not loved the ink. What is going on here?  I’m going to need to find something really terrific for next week!

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