INK REVIEW: Private Reserve Purple Mojo

Private Reserve Purple Mojo Ink Swab

Hello, Purple Mojo!

Words that come to mind….vibrant, in-yo-face color, PURPLE, bright. This is one screamin’ purple ink!

Private Reserve Purple Mojo Writing Sample

It writes quite well. No issues with bleeding, show through, or feathering on my Rhodia paper. There’s even a bit of shading – always nice, yes?

Dry time isn’t really an issue and the highlight test was also fine.

I keep returning to my one lingering question, though. Is Purple Mojo…

special enough?

After falling in love with Mr. President, I just don’t know.  Check it out in the Compare Squares.

Bottom Line:   I like Purple Mojo well enough. I don’t love it.  To me, it’s not special enough in terms of color. But..that is the only thing holding me back and if you love the color, you should go for it because it really is a well-behaved ink.

5 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Private Reserve Purple Mojo

  1. Hello! I recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying your thoughtful ink reviews. I'd love to know your thoughts on Visconti ink- have you used them before?

  2. I've only really used Lamy, Pelikan, J Herbin and Visconti inks, and Visconti sepia is my favourite so far. Thanks to your blog, I have a whole new shopping list of inks to try! 🙂

  3. “After falling in love with Mr. President,”

    Hamilton was never a president. (Neither was Benjamin Franklin. Many people think they were, because they feature on dollar bills.)

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