INK REVIEW: Diamine Evergreen

Diamine Evergreen
Nice, right?
Let’s take a closer look . . .
want a closer look?
Mr. Pentulant has been looking for a dark green ink for everyday use. This translate to . . . I have been looking for a dark green ink for Mr. Pentulant.  Oh yes. poor me, forced to test ink after ink. Whatever will I do? (Probably test every green ink in the world! Muhahahaha!)
Anyway! I think I have a winner in Diamine Evergreen.  
The color is definitely a very dark green.

There’s a tiny bit of shading, little feathering.
It’s a little smearish (dude, it’s a word). If there’s one (or two) big issues, it’s with the water test (both drag and drop) and the highlight test.
So..if Mr. P. can live with the issues, I think the color is a winner, but I’ll probably continue the search – you know, in the name of doing good for other people. Right.
Do you have any dark green recommendations? Have you ever had to search high and low for ink for someone other than yourself? How did you survive?

3 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Diamine Evergreen

  1. I love evergreen, myself. Sadly, I'm down to a teensy bit left now…

    What I really loved about it was that you could read pages written in it and unlike a great many other green inks, your eyes would not stage a revolt with little pitchforks and improvised spears.

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