INK REVIEW: J Herbin – Gris Nuage

Here’s a quickie review of one of my favorite inks to get us back into the groove this week. (More on Thanksgiving another time.)
The above swab was done with a q-tip and then the name of the ink written with a glass pen. In my experience, there’s a lot of feathering with glass pens and this was no exception. (It also doesn’t help things that it’s written on a cheap-o index card.) (Again, I ask, are there are any nice index cards out there? Starting to think there aren’t.)
Anyway….Gris Nuage (Gray Cloud – how pretty!) is one of my very most favorite gray (grey, if you insist) inks.
It’s light – just like a cloud. It’s prettttttty. Leans more toward blue than red, but is definitely one of those pure colors that I adore.  
And, holy crappoli (it’s a word), it writes like a dream. Check it out….
Pretty, yes?  Some lovely shading going on there, too. And no smearing, no feathering, no ghosting, or bleeding. What more could a girl want in a gray ink?

Oh, yes, it does well with water!  Nice!!!  This is totally one of my gray inks. It makes me swoon! see those black specks on the water test?  No, it’s not Gris Nuage gone crazy – that’s collateral damage from my Invincible Black spatter. Haha!

Do you have a favorite gray? Mr. Pentulant was using Montblanc Oyster Grey for awhile in his fancy new Boheme, but he wasn’t loving it.

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