INK REVIEW: De Atramentis – Silver Grey

Really quick review for today…

Silver-Grey from DeAtramentis is one of my favorites from my Fifty Shades of Grey (Gray) post.

What I love…
..the name of the color matches the color of the ink!’s a true gray – I don’t see any blue or red or green undertones smear, no bleed, no nonsense

What I didn’t love so much… smells a little funky (not like mold funk, but a definitely chemical / petroleum (?) smell. Something.
..maybe a little too fast-drying

I wrote with a glass dip pen for this test and you can see that things are a bit thin. I don’t think this is a necessarily a fair test of the ink for shading and ghosting.  I’ll need to retest at some point.  Maybe I’ll do a single post with all of the inks I’ve promised to retest at some point. It would be a doozy!
Have a great week, everyone!  xo

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