WISH LIST: Updated

I’ve made some updates to my Wish List.

Added a few pretty things . . .

The Pelikan M205 pictured above. I swear an ink-a-boo (I made that up on Monday) window always gets me! And that COLOR. Yum.  It’s around $135 and I maybe might do it.

This Purple Lamy Al-Star is $36 from Goulet Pens (love them!).

I tested Pelikan Edelstein in Topaz and now I wanna gotta have it. At twenty-one bucks, it seems like a real possibility.

But this..THIS..is the big wish list item…

Wooo-wheeeee.  The Montblanc Paso Dobe Rouge Fountain Pen.  It’s $1100.  Eleven. Hundred.

I held its Roller Ball cousin a few months ago at the MB Boutique in Las Vegas. Lovely, but they didn’t have the FP in stock. And the salesperson insisted several times that I’d be really happy with the RB. Ha.

So it’s on the wish list. I’m wondering . . .

If I don’t buy another pen for the next six months years, could I? Would I? I might!!! The picture doesn’t show just how pretty it is. The depth of the red, the shiny shine of the platinum. I swear, it almost makes me swoon!  And who doesn’t love the Boheme style with the twist-action safety nib?

So! That’s my (current) wish list? What are you swooning over lately? Show and tell!

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