INK REVIEW: Delta Brown

Delta Brown, what’s that flower you have on?

I couldn’t stop singing while preparing the handwritten review. Poor Mr. Pentulant – the things he puts up with!

It’s brown.

That pretty much sums up my review. And coincidentally, the final score is 50 – right in the middle of the pack.

It’s nice looking, well-behaved in the pen. Not water-resistant (not a surprise).

The remarkable thing about the browns in the Compare Squares? Delta Brown, Stipula Sepia, and Omas Sepia are all kinda the same.

If you’re looking for a good solid brown, this could be your ink. I can see using it in a professional setting as easily as some blues or grays. I could really see drawing with it. If you’re into matching your inks to your pens, you might love brown. But I won’t be buying a full-sized bottle.

Dear Brown,

I’m just not that into you.


P.S. You do know the song Delta Dawn, yes? Here’s a link to it on iTunes if you’re in the mood to get your 1970s on.