INK SWAB 205: Rohrer & Klingner Konigsblau



I believe Rohrer and Klingner has been around for well over 100 years. People who have tried their fountain pen inks seem to enjoy them. However, I believe R&K doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. This may be due to a rather limited line as compared with the likes of J Herbin, Noodler’s, etc.

I have yet to try Konigsblau. Have you?

2 thoughts on “INK SWAB 205: Rohrer & Klingner Konigsblau

  1. This is one of my first Rohrer & Klinger inks (the other one being Smaradgrun). It’s a decent royal blue which I have used for quite a long time. But I got bored with this colour as I discover other ink brands like Sailor…

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