INK SWAB: 3/365 – Private Reserve Black Magic Blue



Day three of ink swabs makes me feel like this is really happening.  Only 362 days to go!

Private Reserve’s Black Magic Blue is an ink I’ve reviewed in the past. Spoiler: I love it. The name doesn’t exactly match the color as I see a bunch of purple in both the swab above and the samples in the review.

It’s been awhile since I’ve inked a pen with this ink and seeing it again here is making me hunger (thirst?) for it a bit.

Oh, hey, I’m making progress on getting the new site filled in. There’s a fresh About Me page. Check it out.


3 thoughts on “INK SWAB: 3/365 – Private Reserve Black Magic Blue

  1. just an FYI I don’t know how to fix it but I’m still getting blog updates via email (subbed previously) but the body of the email is the notice of the new URL.

    I’m hopefully going to fix the subscription by subscribing via this comment but not sure how your end looks.


    • Uhoh. Are you saying that you’re getting notifications from the old blog? If yes, you’ll need to unsubscribe there and resubscribe there.

      There are definitely some growing pains going on here. So glad I scheduled everything to happen over the holidays. Thank you for hanging in there.

      • Ok so I have nooooo clue what WordPress is doing when it’s sending me the new blog post notification updates, and then showing me the “we’ve moved to .com URL” sort of page that is in the body of the email.

        I also have no clue how to unsubscribe from those specifically (yet. the perils of doing everything from my phone.) as of now but I have subscribe via THIS comment to get new updates from THIS post/URL and I’ve already gotten one that has the proper blog content in the email body. I can try and forward you a previous/old blog notification email that has the “please update links” content if you’d like (the one I got that prompted this comment, though I’ve gotten more of them.)

        The move (and content as always!) is a good one, and yes, stupid growing pains!

        Glad I am getting the current stuff though, loving all the swabs. (bummed about storm tho!)

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