INK REVIEW: Private Reserve Black Magic Blue

Private Reserve Black Magic Blue Fountain Pen Ink

First ink review of the new year and I am so glad to say that we have a winner!  Maybe this is an indicator that all inks this year will be winners? Ha!

Other than my usual pet peeve (see below), Black Magic Blue is pretty special.

Black Magic Not Blue

This “blue” ink is definitely purple. Purple in the swab, purple in the bottle, purple in the writing – blue in the name.  I once read a post (probably on FPN) where the writer was complaining that the colors on ink packages didn’t match the color in the bottle – I totally get that it would be very difficult to color-match bottled ink to a printed package – but the name? I totally don’t get it. Why not be be as descriptive in the names as possible?

So . . . I wanted to hate Black Magic Blue on principle, but this ink definitely worked it magic on me.

Check it out . . .


The color of an ink is everything to me.  Other things are negotiable, but if the color and saturation aren’t there, all of those other features don’t matter a bit.  And..if the color is there, I’ll put up with some pretty terrible “features” to get that color.

Fortunately, Black Magic Blue is easy to love. (Yes, it’s making my love list!)

It writes wonderfully – great flow in the Lamy Safari (Broad Nib) I used for this test. Perhaps a little wet – but, again, I was using a broad nib so some smearing is expected and it doesn’t seem terrible even when I was smearing on purpose.

The color is deep.  If you’re looking for bright, check out Private Reserve Purple Mojo – there’s some bright!

The color is clear. If you’re looking for something a little dusky, check out Alexander Hamilton from De Atramentis.

As for me – I used Black Magic Blue for a full week and definitely fell in love.

Have you fallen in love in 2014? With inks, pens, or anything (anyone?) else?

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  1. How amazing post about a black magic blue ink. Blue ink cannot use too much. It is purple colors and i also lie purple color . Thanks for sharing this exotic information about this magical blue ink.Keep posting.

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