‘Tis the season, friends.  Work is super-swamped in a fabulous way, Thanksgiving is mere days away, and I’m happily losing track of the hours.

And yet, I’ve been doing a good job of keeping up with my reading.  Here we go . . .

Have you seen Serious Nibbage from Gourmet Pens and SBRE Brown? You should. Fun video reviews of some fantastic pens.  Serious Nibbage, indeed!

I need a Chop.

Penucopia talks about TWSBI, their history, some issues, and why they are so popular. A good read.

A look at the Levenger True Writer from The Pen Addict. This isn’t a pen I’ve given much consideration – maybe time to think again.

There’s not much time left to get in on the KarasKustoms and Mr. Mike Dudek Kickstarter. I’m in. Are you?

Speaking of Mr. Mike, Dudek Modern Goods recently released The Daily.  I’m a fan.

Folks over on FPN are pondering the imponderables.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Mr. Pentulant and I are putting up our Christmas tree and getting ready for Thanksgiving festivities.


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