FOUND AROUND FRIDAY: Catching Up Edition

You guys. It’s August. Where did July go?

I was so far behind on my blog reading, but I’m all caught up now.  Check it out . . .

Inkophile reviewed an ink I have, but haven’t gotten to yet. I like the color!

Unroyal Warrant has a CRAZY Field Notes thing going on.

My Instagram buddy, Fountain Pen Physicist, is working on an epic ink test and a different sort of test for her students. (Pretty sure the answer is either 42 or yes.)

Peninkcillin has a detailed (in a good way) review of the Pilot Metropolitan. Check it out here.

Do you read Inklode? I’m gonna start.

MyCoffeePot looks at the Parker Duofold Centennial. He says it’s his most favorite pen and I can certainly see why. My goodness. (Watch the video – pretty sure I can hear him about to burst with giddiness.)

Office Supply Geek bought a Poppin notebook from Staples. After my other Poppin experiences, I’m going to pass. (Though I still have, use, and love the ruler!)

I’ve been excited about Kaweco lately. Check this one out from The Pen Cup. That milky color. I loves it.

New ink from J Herbin?  That’s what Inkophile tells us! I won’t be at the DC Pen Show – will you?

Oh my. A Colorado Pen Show. I love it there. I have good friends there. Hm.

And, finally, over on Instagram, I was getting ready to mail out some ink samples . . .


Do tell. Which blogs should I be reading?

Have a good weekend!

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