Before we get started with what I’ve been reading, I wanted to remind you that I’m giving away a Neon Coral Lamy Safari. You gotta be in it to win it.

Here’s where I’ve been reading . . .

This FPN thread about Nathan Tardiff (founder of Noodler’s Inks), his politics, and his elusiveness had me smiling.

Ed Jelley didn’t love the Kaweco Liliput, but I might want one anyway. What do you think?

FP Geeks has a review of the Chicago Pen Show

Letter Writers Alliance let us know that the circus is coming to town – or at least to a post office near you!

Oh no. They didn’t? Could this be a much-delayed April Fool’s joke from FP Geeks?

Look at this find from Colassal.  I have to say, I’m toying with the idea of creating a book – this makes me think I could (but it probably wouldn’t be as cool as this, so don’t get all excited).

A reopened FPN discussion about ink samples makes me think I should take some really good pictures of mine for you. And this thread is about samples, too, and makes me think I’d be pretty good at designing samples. How about you?

I’m hungry.

And thirsty!

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