LA Pen Show 2014

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On the heels of a fantastic business trip to Seattle, I spent last weekend in Los Angeles at the LA Pen Show.

I’ve attended other pen shows, but this may have been the biggest. It was impossible to see everything there even though Mr. Pentulant and I splurged for the fancy pass that got us in all three days. Still impossible.

I’ll have posts each day this week – so much to share with you. I’ll try to note where, who, when, etc., but there was so much that it was difficult to follow along.


A Colorful Assortment

Delta Fountain Pens – Impressive Displays
Bexley Tuck-A-Way Pens from Dimefast

Parker Fountain Pens with Parker Quink
An assortment of vintage fountain pens and mechanical pencils.What is that on top?
Sheaffer Buckskin Tan Snorkel is the subject of this picture. Mmm.

Parker 45 Convertible Pen – New Old Stock (NOS)

The above image may be my favorite from the entire show. There is so much going on there. Pen, sketch pencil, knives, accessories – so much. This was the actually the first pen I considered buying. So red, so pretty, but I saw it early in the show and wanted to look around a big before deciding. A couple of days later, I remembered it again, but couldn’t find it again. Whomp, Whomp.

Onward . . .


Case after Case.

Tray after Tray

OK…that’s all for today. I’ll be back soon with more – so much more.

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