The Shirt of Many Pens

Continuing my LA Pen Show pictures and report.  Here is a link to part one in case you missed it.

Also, I am still taking entries to my inky giveaway – if you haven’t entered already, please do.

Finally, just a reminder that you can click on pictures to see them in their wonderful full-sized glory.

And we’re off….

Pictures from LA Pen Show 2014

Russian Hand-Painted Fountain Pens

The pens above are gorgeous and hand-painted from Russia. Each pen on display was very different from the others (at least from my quick assessment) and one of them even had sterling silver inlay. From their sales director, Maksim Stulov, I learned that they have some limited editions and some one-of-a-kind pieces.  Here a link to their Facebook Page – when I tried to find their website, it wouldn’t load. Note that the maker’s name is ARTUS and there doesn’t seem to be a relationship to the Artus that was once Lamy.

Moving on…

Arizona Pen Company at the LA Pen Show

The pens above are made by George Butcher of Arizona Pen Company. I stopped by to talk with George twice and was thisclose to buying one of his creations. As soon as I update my wish list, you’ll find this pen on it. That stunning and unique green caught my eye.

George makes all of the pens himself. And he means it. Pen making is his passion and when he talks about what he does and how he does it, that comes through in a such a big way.

Those caps!

A Grouping of Vintage Fountain PensVacumatic, Anyone?

Look at That!

That Demonstrator is a Vintage Waterman’s Lever Fill
An Assortment of Jumbo-Sized Fountain Pens

A Closer Look
Penchetta KS – Kustom Safari

The above is from Penchtta Pen & Knife. Do you see what they’ve done? The cap, nib, and section are from Lamy Safari fountain pens and the barrel is kustom from them. An interesting idea – perhaps a bit weird for me. I also wonder what the  trademark/copyright people at Lamy think about them creating a derivative product from their original and then selling that.

Next up are a few crowd shots. These don’t really show the number of people at the show, though. When it was super-crowded, I wasn’t aiming my camera much at all.

That’s it for today!

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about Susan Wirth and my delightful experience with her.   Stay tuned!

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