INK REVIEW: Private Reserve Vampire Red

Happy Almost Halloween!

This isn’t my red – but it is someone’s.

Every so often (in fact, regularly) over on FPN, the topic of blood red ink comes up. People really really crave ink that is blood red. Often, I think they are looking for something that is a bit darker than this, but really . . .

Private Reserve Vampire Red

Blood red, right?

I like it well enough that I left it in my pen and used it for a week or so . . .

. . . but it’s not love.

It’s certainly named well – and that always gets bonus points in my book, but I’m more of a bright red kinda girl. I like (most of) my colors bright and bold.

I first tried Vampire Red on Clairefontaine paper and it really is a good ink. No complaints here at all.

And then gave it a go on Tomoe River Paper . . .

I don’t see too much difference between the two. Sometimes, Tomoe River Paper will make colors really pop.

What do you think? Bloody enough for your Halloween? Trick or Treat!

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