PEN REVIEW: Namiki Falcon

This Namiki Falcon with a soft fine nib was actually my first nib with any kind of serious flex to it. My gateway to flex, if you will.

Super-easy to clean. A real joy with which to write. Springy nib with just a bit of flex. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the amount of flex. If you’re looking for a wet noodle, this is not the pent for you.

Know what I love? The CON-50 converter that comes with the pen. I know the thingy in there is supposed to help keep your ink mixed (and how nice is that?), but I also use it to tell how much ink is left in the pen – when that thing starts rattling around like crazy, it’s time to refill!

Got mine from Goulet Pens. It’s $144, but as of this writing – out of stock. Wahwah. (The pen, not the converter.)

And that nib?  Falcon. did it write? I wrote the review below shortly after inking it the first time . . .

click to see larger
And these pictures were taken just a few days ago. I’ve had lots of time to practice and I really like the pen. Not as much as I like my (new to me) vintage Waterman 52, though.
The ink is Noodler’s Habanero (a favorite). You’ll just have to forgive the color inaccuracy.
Lily is one of our three (!!) dogs. We lovingly refer to her as The Crazy One

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